A pink taxi

A pink taxi

June 30, 2010

Saad Mohseni in the New Yorker

Le Monde is what the Economist recently called "the bible of the French intelligentsia"  and Saad Mohseni has already been interviewed in it many times. I  proudly save each article for him. However, the honors are greater when he is featured in a large piece in the New Yorker. That magazine is literally the cream of the crop!

I will add a single remark to this small introduction, because I cannot compete with a New Yorker journalist. My ten year old predicted this. When my son was asked to play journalists for a school project, he chose to interview his dad's very close friend Saad. I had the opportunity to witness the interview: the interaction between the two was dynamic, the questions answered in Saad's particular style of turning questions  back on to you. My son had done the work of a New Yorker reporter without knowing it! Saad is a true role model.

Here is the link to the piece:



  1. I woke up to the posting on Saad Mohseni.The 13 page article on Saad is a great expression on what he represents for Afghanistan: a window of fresh air and a courageous attempt to combat corruption and spread free speech!
    The July 5 article is a must for those of you who are interested in freedom of speech not only in Afghanistan but the whole Middle East!

  2. I'm priveledged to have seen Saad, Jahid, Zaid, and Wajma at work in Kabul in 2004 and 2005. I remember hearing radio Arman in its infancy. Tolo was just being launched. Bravo Saad! Excellent interview!