A pink taxi

A pink taxi

June 1, 2010


I buy them by the dozen, eat them three by three, daily and now for eight grueling weeks. Brown, preferably organic.

Hard, soft, scrambled, omelet, sometimes fried w a dash of zaatar, never with toast, or bread. Always a green (broccoli, spinach, asparagus) on the side.

My grandfather, a physician, used to scrutinize my eyes (the way doctors did in the 1950s) and send me straight to the kitchen to eat eggs to cure my anemia. (And this when I used to be 40 pounds overweight).

It's like eating clouds, fluffy omelets, melty boiled ones. No sooner have I finished my breakfast that my stomach growls at starbucks, begging for a Nutrigrain, a think thin bar, a special K or those naughty cookies I used to sneak into my handbag. Now only a couple of dates will sweeten my tall skinny cappuccino to go.

However these eggs do fuel sufficient energy to roll like an egg (I mean ball) in pilates, or squeeze into an egg shaped posture at bikram, or climb a set of 45 stairs (sometimes two) or bench press 15 kgs.

Because the diet flows into a detested yucky protein shake, followed by a large array of poultry, fish or meat, reminiscent of a paloelithic lifestyle. Not a grain of rice nor a strand of spaghetti. I can only pluck fruits before 6pm and grow veggies in my apartment.

My eight weeks are ending and with it the cultish following of the diet. The protein feast is coming to an end. I am not sure I can stomach lasagna for a while though. Didn't I just leave a cave? But I could fast forward to the XVIII century when Marie Antoinette had chocolate squares and macarons (watch my 5 year old daughter's favorite movie Marie Antoinette by Sophia Copolla).


  1. Grueling...

    Dont you miss pancakes, waffles, chocolate brownies.

    This 8 weeks of eggs is a mean mean diet.

    When can we all go out & cheat?


    PS keep this up and you'll be as thin as an eggshell.

  2. I'm not on such a stringent no carb diet like Yasmine but I'm also pumping lots of protein into my diet and I swear i'm getting protein nightmares and hallucinations! Yes, they are as horrible as they sound. Every day, I count my protein intake and I start and end my day with a protein shake with another protein shake after my work out for good measure. Not to forget cottage cheese, tuna, eggs, meat, chicken...I totally agree with Katia time to go out and cheat! I'm game! I think we should tie Yasmine up and force feed her a huge plate of pasta followed by a huge serving of Marble Slab! and as appetizer, manaesh loaded with melted cheese from Al Reef Bakery!

  3. Just finished a one month diet (YAY!!)from health factory where they deliver the food. Made me realize how much I HATE diets!! Was cheating all the time but did manage to loose 5 kg. :) I also realized that I normally eat a much more balanced diet than what they offer... The secret : portion control.. duh! Yasmine thank God your protein crazy diet is OVER. Why you did this to yourself beats me. I call Teymour protein man. And protein dieters that use protein shakes and work out have a specific body type... Really! All it does is fast forward you muscle growth. I'm an advocate of natural foods, well balanced meals and the natural growth of muscles that can take up to a year for a sculptured look. Fat will get burnt once you create the muscle. Anyways I do hope you get the results you want with all the effort you put.

  4. Wow they are all cheaters especially HT!When he visits he goes through all the delicious dishes prepared by B!
    To give ND the real compliment,she and Yass adhered strictly to their diets,but I agree with N as to why is Yass adhering to her crazy diet?ND has taught us how to follow a healthy regime of nutritional value,and cutting severely on comfort food.
    At the end of the day,the way to go is to balance your diet and don't deprive!