A pink taxi

A pink taxi

June 11, 2010

Bling and Fur Vignette

Versace? Try again. Fendi? Close.  Just Cavalli! No not a fashion show (wrong city, that is Paris, London, New York and Milan!)

Close your eyes and you are transported to a Solidere nightclub (in their wildest dreams). Here, my compatriots (the ones with the cedared newly blue passports) come to play in Dubai. Everyone else is related to them somehow. Russians? Same fashion conscience.

You enter through a dark staircase wallpapered with nothing else but black silky fur. It takes you to a high ceilinged room, with a large central restaurant turned club in the wi hours. The furniture is over the top, the ceiling decorated with a million small cristal dangling marbles, the chandeliers are extravagant but turned off when I walk in.

House music, non stop (so much better than eighties nostalgia). But no matter how young I try and try to be, I can't get into the groove. The cadence is tribal, yet repetitive to oblivion. How long can you jam to this? Perhaps I lack "the joie de vivre" of my fellow countrymen. Exit. I must exit.....

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  1. This one definitely passed without cesorship because it was posted on a Friday and New York was asleep.The blogger(it is a secret uses two techies:one in Dubai who is very liberal and the other in New York who puts a brake on her political subjects!)
    The other day an ex PM from Lebanon was here on a lecture and asserted that Beirut and Dubai complement each other in finance and tourism.Well he should have gone last night to Cavalli!