A pink taxi

A pink taxi

June 18, 2010

Charlies Angels

This story has been written by the blogger and her cousin. All people mentioned are real and bear resemblance to true people.

Once upon a time, a doctor and a nurse had ten children. Their first three daughters had a nine children in total. This story is about their three eldest daughters. The Charlie's Angeles were born.

The eldest daughter had a girl with blond locks. The second daughter had a girl with brown locks and the third had one......with RED hair AND freckles! These three girls were born a few years apart and were very close cousins.
The blond lived in Dubai and Geneva, the red head lived in Tehran, Dubai and Walnut Creek, Ca, and the brunette lived in Beijing, Seoul and Utah. They did visit each other and grew up playing paper dolls, barbies and monopoly. They watched Grease, ET and Roger Moore as 007. They called themselves the Charlie's Angeles. They were three girls with three different colored manes.

They joined swim team together in the summers in Utah where all the cousins converged for 3 months of fun in the outdoors and discussed their first crushes... the blond plotted of ways to get the equally blond swim team coach to notice her while the red head and the brunette supported all of her plans unquestioningly even though the red head was secretly in love with Mick Jagger and the brunette faithful to Roger Moore. These were the days of Human League and they took turns lipsyncking "working as a waitress".

During that time, the hierarchy was established...The red head was at the top of the food chain with the blond and the brunette vying for position as second. Being second depended on how many favors were done for the red head and how many times when playing house she got to be mother. At any time, for any reason, the red head would threaten not to speak to her two cousins. Silent treatment was sternly maintained with an introductory: "I'm not your friend anymore."

Most of all they identified with the Charlies Angels, sporting 70s hairdoes , strawberry flavored lip gloss and tube tops. The blond one was the bookish one, the redhead the sporty introspective one and the brunette the dramatic one. Somehow, between the three cousins they managed to make one perfect person. The blond one was sweet and mature, the redhead was evil and cunning and the brunette with the sense of humour just wanted to be left alone to daydream of marring Roger Moore.  When the brunette lived in Dubai for a few years pre-teenage her one memory of her blond cousin was of a blond head bent diligently down doing her homework 24 HOURS A DAY!  The red head lived what the other two thought a very glamorous life in California. Time zapped by and she drove a Volkswagen fox and wore cowboy boots at all times.

In college, the Charlie's Angeles reunited for two spring breaks together, they painted Palm Springs red (slept in the car and ate at Denny's: you think Hangover was funny?) and in Boston (when they weren't out in the boonies at Smith College where they filmed Halloween I, II, II and the Blair Witch Project and Psycho and Silence of the Lambs), they hit the night life with a vengeance and listened ad nauseum to "Loosing My Religion" as it was the blonds favorite song in the whole world. Unfortunately, the blond only socialized with people at MIT and the nightlife consisted of a tour of the library at MIT and sitting in a cerebral café with a bunch of nerds. The red head and the brunette went on to New York while the blond went back to the location where they must have burned witches, happily listening to REM in her Golf.

Today, they are happily married with 9 kids in total ( the brunette had 3 in one go!) and at each wedding, the bride in the middle (with her blond, brown or red locks) and the two Charlie's Angels, on each side, sporting a supportive smile in souvenir photos


  1. I really enjoyed every part of this post. What fun times you 3 "angels" have spent together! And unbelievable how you've followed in your mothers' footsteps with 9 of your own little ones among you girls. Fun times!

    xx, Maryam

  2. Ahhhh, what GREAT memories!

    Eventhough it is obvious that it was the brunettes idea to write this piece, especially the parts that have to do with the red head, most of it is accurate...except that the red head was not as manipulative as it seems.

    The red head had a lot of responsibility trying to get the day-dreaming brunette grounded and the "bookish" blonde to have a little fun. For example, the brunette did not know why she couldn't take off to Italy with someone she had met a few weeks prior.. who did not speak a word of English and she did not speak a word of Italian (but that's OK, she is/was a dreamer). The blonde on the ohter hand, had a hard time understanding why we were not having a fantastic time during our Spring Break at Smith College and why the brunette was having reaccuring nightmares about people chasing her in the woods(but that's OK because she is blonde).

    The memories of those days will always put a smile on my face and I am so fortunate to have been part of the "angels".

    Oh, and one more memory. Don't forget the beauty pageants we used to have. Keep in mind there were JUDGES who judged us in all the different categories. And the overall winner, time and time again.....THE RED HEAD!

  3. The Angels were adequately covered by the blogger and her cousin:the Triplet mama!I saw them grow up from babies to teenagers to full womanhood,to happy wives and mothers.
    Yet,no mention was made of the mothers of the Angels,who in their turn looked different,acted different,and looked at matters from different angles.Their thoughts about life,religion and attitude could not be more varied!
    I met the first in 1967,and fell in love at first sight,and the rest is history!I met the second when she was still studying at the Junior College in Beirut,with her part time aspiring diplomat husband!The third was introduced to me through beautiful photos of her wedding in Teheran attended by my sister.The first mother became my better half,the other two are my sisters in law,spirit and bondage!Their brood are so close to my heart.