A pink taxi

A pink taxi

June 14, 2010

Fly Swiss

I have been told to compare before making a judgment, before confirming an opinion.

I flew Emirates and I can now make my comparisons. I always fly Swiss. I have been flying it to near exclusivity for 25 years. Sometimes, and rarely, the destination gets me jolted into a non familiar airline and Emirates is one of them.

Don't point accusatory fingers at me and call me pretentious. I am an economy fare passenger so I compare third class cabins to each other.

Enter the plane and the design is Swiss and subdued. The overriding theme is H2O, served in small chic Henniez bottles, and then in constant glass servings. The brand names of juices are predictably Granini. The food products are Swiss because the catering is always swiss (no Abella food catering).

The food is served, in silence and style, on designed trays, with designed plates and cutlery. Now I am not a captive audience to plane food and I don't eat except the cold: the swiss cheese, perhaps the salad and yogurt. However, I succumb to the the Swiss chocolate that is offered plentyfull. Ok, we don't have a selection of movies, perhaps only three, but we get Movenpick ice cream on waffle cones to entertain us longer.

And when we land in Zurich, and we walk the best designed airport of the world, all simplified to the minimalist concrete and glass that I prefer, I applaud my choice to have faithfully, albeit stubornly selected Swiss.

PS Notice that I didn't criticize Emirates Airlines, but what Swiss has, it doesn't (neither have the other airlines).


  1. Our family history with Swiss started when our four children were sent to Florimont in Geneva in 1985 after our blogger went into boarding school.Ever since,SwissAir,now Swiss International became our designated carrier,whenever we are traveling westward.The reliability,service and professionalism of the Swiss could not be portrayed better!Now our family is a third generation Swiss Intl passengers!

  2. Thank you very much for your comments on our airline. It's a great pleasure to see that our efforts, to make you feel at home above the clouds, seem to be successful. With our brand new Airbus A-330-300 from Dubai to Zurich, we have also up-graded our product in all classes. We believe that in these days an airline can only be different from competitors by offering an outstanding service on board. The Swiss are well known for their hospitality and that's what we want all our passengers to experience when they board one of our planes. We look forward to welcoming you soon again on one of our SWISS flights.

    Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.
    Martin Massueger
    Director Sales Middle East/Africa