A pink taxi

A pink taxi

January 15, 2013

Have You Ever Tried Crossfit

@bonddxb: @pinktaxiblogger what" take on crossfit, have you ever tried it?

Welcome to the world of twitter, its casual questions and answers. Have I ever tried cross-fit? Of course I have, I pride in being a cross-fit chick or more precisely an Evolve chick, which is a nuanced take on cross-fit: editing the bad, retaining the good of that sport.

I answer this tweet, in the form of a blog, because 140 characters wouldn't suffice to explain that I am the cross-fit client, not the trainer. That my understanding of this fitness practice is based on professional supervision, but that I follow directions and never initiate the program.

Indeed, be it with Dan Harrison, my coach and motivator, or under the influence and contact with Marcus Smith, Inner Fight, that I experience the cross-fit activities. It was therefore opportune and certainly challenging to answer the question, as I quote this tweet:

@InnerFight: @bonddxb @pinktaxiblogger look forward to seeing this answered #innerfight

Cross-fit is a training that makes every workout an event. I anticipate every session with a certain type of anxiety: how hard will it be this time, how many reps and what challenges will I encounter? I am frequently timed or I am always building up to break my personal records. This is hard training but it has an element of fun. I have never done a same circuit twice!

This leads me to answer a final tweet, that attempts to demystify crossfit.

@bonddxb: "In the real world, the best physique belong to people who have functional capability." #glassmanscoff #crossfitismything

While I spend most of my energy building my fitness by way of cross fit training or what resembles it, I believe I am an active woman, using that fitness in such sports as swimming, scuba diving, horse riding, pilates, bikram yoga, indoor and outdoor cycling and even running. I firmly believe that I put my strength and fitness to use in these sports. Skiing for example, prior to cross fitting, wasn't the same experience. Now I can use my legs differently!

I therefore recommend cross training to other sports people: the tennis, rugby and soccer players! Moreover, I also adhere to the idea that crossfit helps me in my daily activities: carrying heavy objects, handling many kids, climbing stairs, dancing! Functional fitness is certainly my motto!