A pink taxi

A pink taxi

January 15, 2013

Have You Ever Tried Crossfit

@bonddxb: @pinktaxiblogger what" take on crossfit, have you ever tried it?

Welcome to the world of twitter, its casual questions and answers. Have I ever tried cross-fit? Of course I have, I pride in being a cross-fit chick or more precisely an Evolve chick, which is a nuanced take on cross-fit: editing the bad, retaining the good of that sport.

I answer this tweet, in the form of a blog, because 140 characters wouldn't suffice to explain that I am the cross-fit client, not the trainer. That my understanding of this fitness practice is based on professional supervision, but that I follow directions and never initiate the program.

Indeed, be it with Dan Harrison, my coach and motivator, or under the influence and contact with Marcus Smith, Inner Fight, that I experience the cross-fit activities. It was therefore opportune and certainly challenging to answer the question, as I quote this tweet:

@InnerFight: @bonddxb @pinktaxiblogger look forward to seeing this answered #innerfight

Cross-fit is a training that makes every workout an event. I anticipate every session with a certain type of anxiety: how hard will it be this time, how many reps and what challenges will I encounter? I am frequently timed or I am always building up to break my personal records. This is hard training but it has an element of fun. I have never done a same circuit twice!

This leads me to answer a final tweet, that attempts to demystify crossfit.

@bonddxb: "In the real world, the best physique belong to people who have functional capability." #glassmanscoff #crossfitismything

While I spend most of my energy building my fitness by way of cross fit training or what resembles it, I believe I am an active woman, using that fitness in such sports as swimming, scuba diving, horse riding, pilates, bikram yoga, indoor and outdoor cycling and even running. I firmly believe that I put my strength and fitness to use in these sports. Skiing for example, prior to cross fitting, wasn't the same experience. Now I can use my legs differently!

I therefore recommend cross training to other sports people: the tennis, rugby and soccer players! Moreover, I also adhere to the idea that crossfit helps me in my daily activities: carrying heavy objects, handling many kids, climbing stairs, dancing! Functional fitness is certainly my motto!


  1. Those who haven't tried Innerfight.com at Evolve will never understand the camaraderie, addiction, and anticipation that comes with each session. Shout out to Marcus and Dan for creating such an awesome environment where the impossible becomes possible!

  2. Welcome back Pink T,high time you re energize,and get out of your writer's draught.We miss you and your enthusiastic character.

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