A pink taxi

A pink taxi

March 16, 2014

Pink Taxi Runner

I have collected my kitsch medals and taken the kiss-your-medal selfies. I have ran to my relatives at finish lines and also collapsed in run-villages on my own. I have driven the distance and will even take a plane, to make it to a marathon race. I am a runner because I have raced five times since I started my first 5k run last March. 

I am a runner because I have added 85 runs to a run program that shot-off July 8, 2013. I have only stopped to recover or taper, and I have trained continuously and constantly. With endurance and passion. 

‎I ran in the shadow of the Petronas Towers at twilight, and woken up twelve hours later to the same red track in Malaysia's humid dawn. I prefer to run at the brink of day or at outset of evening, when the sun and light are dramatic. But I have also run in the middle of the day, in autumn and winter, in New York and Geneva, seeking the warmest time of the day, wearing windbreaker and woolen hat‎, remembering how hot and sweaty I could get in August and September in Dubai!

No puddles, or rain, or party nights, or excuses have stopped me from running, except that I couldn't run a metre without my thumping music, or without the desire to capture what I see. ‎The phone-camera is a must come! Because I run alone for the most part, perhaps sometimes joining a community run, or joining a pack of runners in a park, or going on a random run with a friend, pushing my intervals with another! 

Most of the time, it is still dark, and the track undiscovered and aleatory, and I am all alone. The world is still‎ and I have found my music and my zen. My thoughts are void. My worries and concerns delayed. My distractions minimised. I may be running past SanDiego surfers, or Nice beaches, or NewYork foliage, or Vietnamese scooters, but they are fleeting sights, they are foreground views.  I am focused on heart rate, I am checking with my body, I am learning about pace, and I am breathing, smiling, laughing, gasping, swearing,singing!

‎I never was a runner till I became one. Impossible becomes possible only after you have done it!