A pink taxi

A pink taxi

June 12, 2010

Matchmaking on rollerblades

Its about time I finally set things straight....

I can boast, yes,  about two things: One of them is meeting my future brother -in -law on roller blades.  The second is that I was the one and only matchmaker in that union! Various versions of the story do exist. Granted he is the brother of a very close friend. But does that fact alone give said close friend credit for thinking up the match? We even have another dear friend who takes credit because he introduced us to "close friend", whose younger brother is now my brother-in-law of 7 years! The chain of stories can keep on going, confusing you all even further.....

Here is the story: It was a summer day in Geneva and as newly weds, my husband and I decide to partake in a very romantic activity which consisted of roller blading around the lake of Geneva. My husband got a phone call from said close friend who happened to be on the other side of the lake with his brother who was visiting from New York, wondering if we could meet up. We roller bladed there and reached a group of guys. I was introduced, and casually I asked: "So where is your bro?" There were no two guys in the group that had any family semblance to one another. It was then  that I was acquainted to my brother- in -law- to -be, and reacquainted again (this time without roller blades) at our favorite chocolate cake cafe.

It was around that single piece of chocolate fondant and three forks, that my husband, future brother-in-law and I, shared a moment which turned into a realization for me . When the gentleman went to the washroom, I elbowed my husband. This gesture of elbowing was more important than what I said later because the
idea had formed with that gesture: "He would be so great for my sister!"

And the rest is history...

I will take this opportunity to wish my dear brother -in -law a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!

P.S. I think my matchmaking role should clearly be acknowledged by now!

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  1. Well first of all thank you for the kind birthday wishes! The encounter you
    describe is burned in my memory. From Kabir being unable to use the brakes and
    using the railing around the lake to stop...and the evening with 3 forks and a
    chocolate cake...to such detail that the restroom at the cafe did not have any
    hand towels. I also remember on a separate trip to Geneva your husband eating
    half my ice cream and giving me the flu in the process :) but I guess that is
    why we all love him so much...not to go off on a tangent

    In any event I certainly do give you credit for being the puppeteer from behind
    the scene encouraging us to meet! But it was the love at first sight that
    brought us together when I met your sister for the first time. There was
    something there that words cannot explain.

    So yes my sis-in law I do give you full credit for mastering the behind the
    scenes but continue to reject the concept of being "setup" as I certainly never
    felt that.

    Thanks again for the bday wishes and look forward to all being together this
    summer albeit with 20 forks...

  2. This post put a great smile on my face :)
    Reading it with my morning coffee surely made a great start to a Sunday!
    Happy Birthday again brother-in-law,and well done awesome blogger :)

  3. I see everyone boasting as to who introduced "damad" to our family?The blogger who is soooo biased towards him,claims priority,though a cousin of mine in Beirut claimed discovering him first when he collapsed sick at his home in Beirut!He never stopped praising how gentle and cute he was!
    His brother should claim the first stake,since he is the one who invited the blogger to skate around the Lake Geneva,and presented her with his trophy brother!
    I can claim discovering "damad" when he collapsed asleep on a chaiselonge beside me at the pool side one summer,claiming jet lag!Is not it strange that "damad" -collapsed-twice at a family home,and the third time he was totally entrapped??
    I can further claim making wrong(or should I say now right) decisions by sending my beautiful,just graduated daughter on two occasions with her chaperon sister to St Tropez and Damascus to attend events where the lucky "damad" happened to be there.
    As Seinfeld says ,or should I say as Larry David says:having said all the above,we are lucky today to celebrate "damad's" 35th birthday and his 7th anniversary in one month.

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