A pink taxi

A pink taxi

July 10, 2010

The Crow and the Fox

One day I was playing golf with my eldest son, who has become quite the accomplished golf player, when a strange occurence happened. My son had left half  of a granola bar sitting in the buggy. A crow flew by, saw the granola bar and it looked good. It swept it away in it beak, packaging and all. My son missed the whole scene as I stood back bewildered.

He wouldn't believe the story (perhaps wondering if I had eaten it myself), until he himself  witnessed the crow throwing the empty wrapper back at us.

"For once the crow outsmarts the fox" I giggled.

Minutes later we resumed our game.  Just until..... a fox, believe it or not, walked right by us on the green! In Dubai, in broad daylight!

This was a small anecdote to wish my son a very  happy birthday! He turns 10 today!


  1. Dear Torab,

    I remember watching you as a baby crawl real quick in my apartment in NYC. I also remember watching Finding Nemo with you. It was your first movie and you were really scared of the shark. We also watched the crocodiles at the Dubai Zoo hence my nickname. We've watched many World Cup games together from the time I bought you your first Zidane jersey. But what i've enjoyed most is watching you grow into the charming and handsome gentleman that you are. Happy 10 Birthday! Lots of love, Dai Croco.

  2. Happy Birthday Torab!! We all love you so much and are so proud of all you have achieved in these 10 years...especially the golf! You're so special to all of us. We hope that Paris was fun and send you hugs and kisses all the way from New York.

    See you soon,
    The Amro 4

  3. Wow what a bash it was in Paris to celebrate the 10th birthday of ATA!people converged from Dubai,Geneva&Nice.We all squeezed into the smallest French van,and got lost in the " Banlieu" for an hour in of the hottest July on record!Our " European vacation" started trying to maneuver our way around the famous roundabout of the Arc de Triomphe!
    We spent three delightful days walking around the most beautiful cities in the world,visiting EuroDisney,Versaille palace and the Eiffel Tower.
    Torah and his siblings had the time of their lives,with MirWais asking whether it was night or day(in Arabic ) since the day was so long.Syraat wanted to know the truth about how poor Marie Antoinette's life was terminated!
    Again Torab,a very Happy Birthday to you!