A pink taxi

A pink taxi

December 24, 2011

Routine But With a Grip Change

The time has finally come. I have reached a stage in my golf development when the coach talks about routine.

I have participated in golf tournaments, essentially mixed ones, with juniors and parents. I have observed the highly qualified juniors and their beautiful skills and style. I have noticed their body language, their routine which consists of steps they do constantly before executing the next move.

At the T shot, they prepare in a certain way and on each of the nine holes, they will prepare in the same way before taking their swing. When they put, they remove their glove, they mark their ball, they study the line and perform. Each and every time. Their academy has trained them to do so. Everyone has a certain style, their own idiosyncrasies.

My coach has now instructed me to do the same, to play my routine, to slow my game down. "Think about your put, it may take time but it may save you two to three trials." Retain your habits, do the same thing each and every time.

But change your grip! I have played golf for three years and I am told to change the grip. This is a reflection on life: set your routine, get good habits but always fine tune and always work on improvement. Sometimes your grip needs a complete reform!


  1. As much as I am proud of this golf family,I still regret not keeping up with them when I was offered a Valentine package to take up golf.Once I was told that opportunities pass you by and you have to grab them,I didn't for that special one.Keep it up,we are so proud of your determination.

  2. I know very little about golf but your form looks very nice. As the previous "anonymous" wrote, we are so proud of your determination not only in golf, but in all you do!

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