A pink taxi

A pink taxi

December 6, 2011

Fitness Freak

My BFF coined me as a "fitness freak". Seven years ago, she has seen me evolve from a sms-er of "I hate pilates" to a "I only do pilates and hate bikram yoga" to a "fine, sometimes bikram is fun" to a "shh! Don't tell anyone I go to the gym" to "ofcourse I can do pilates, training and bikram in one day!"

Well, enough with the Shhhh! It is time for me to get the skeleton out of the closet and reveal all. I train with no less than three trainers.

Two things I am obsessed with: training and music. I met trainer 1 upstairs at the gym of the building where I live. Took my radio with DJNathalie on FM92. Worked out for 30 minutes. The music at the time was not to my taste so I went to change the dial. Two guys walked into the gym as I was at the radio, busy looking for another channel. I saw the first guy. I asked him if he minded the music. He threw me a one liner: "I only like bad music." We laughed it off. I went back to training. I turned my head. Eye contact. The second guy was......

......Trainer 2! My husband had one word when he heard my story: "busted!"

Is working out part of the monotonous cycle or have I turned into a "kettle bell slut" to use my female cousin's jargon?  I asked my trainer :"so is circuit training monotonous?"  He smiled at my question: "Monotony? How cool!"

When I woke up with a tatoo (temporary henna) my Californian cousin wrote the following:
"In which gym did you fall asleep?  Was in during pilates, kettle ball, bikram?   Did someone slip something in your Vitamin Water(don't know if you have this in Dubai, but that's what the workout fanatics drink)?  Normally I would be asking where you had been partying, what you were drinking, etc.  But in your case....I know it's under special circumstances that something like this would happen.  Just a very special birthday at the gym, I'm sure!!!!!"

Circuit training is far from monotonous. Heavy lifting: dead-lifts, chest presses. And all the finer full body workouts with TRX and cables. And pilates always at the core of my exercise routine: my philosophy.

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