A pink taxi

A pink taxi

December 15, 2011


My son stole my ipod under the pretext that wednesdays are long days. I granted his request on the "hump day" but had all to loose in the bargain. My morning was rendered more dull, or less upbeat. Where was Chris Martin before my circuit training pushing me foreword with his "shoot an apple off my head"? Where was Chris Martin when I walked to the Fox glass statue chanting "I turn the music up ...and shut the world outside"? I soon realized that I had become addicted to the sound of music enclosing me in my own world as I went about my routine. I longed for it all day.

I once deprived myself of chocolate for two long months. I was training and chocolate just "defeated the purpose". Every night, at about 9pm, after the house was still and the dinner was consumed, the craving for chocolate assaulted me. I felt it in my mouth, like a scratch on my teeth and felt sorry for the nicotine addicts. Two months later, when I broke my chocolate fast, I feasted on a small square of dark chocolate, and I encountered a new passion, more intense!

All know my heavy dependence on coffee. It isn't a chemical dependence because I have tested the 10 days without coffee during the month of Ramadan when having a coffee at late Iftar just defeated the purpose. I made it through the day in the same way I didn't have either drink or food, but I wasn't the happiest me. Coffee enhances my mood, it intensifies the volume of energy and spark. It uplifts me. I love it!

I am really into golf. It is also uplifting because it is relaxing. You forget all issues when on the green. You are far away, yet so close to home. Far removed because you have committed 2 to 4 hours of your time. You play in a green kingdom. The manicured visuals are very beautiful.

I realized how hooked I was to pilates when I skipped a full week to practice my golf. It served me wrong to shuffle my addictions: I felt heavy and un-stretched.

Addictions are passions. It is during the withdrawl that you realize how much you are dependent.


  1. Talk to me about addictions,and I will point first to cigarette addiction.The mother of all addictions is still finding its way to the young despite desperate propoganda showing all the health hazards it causes.The other day I visited a relative who is suffering from cancer of the lungs.She was crying saying I wish I listened to all your nagging about smoking.I later visited another family who were with me at that visit:they were all smoking in a closed room,as if they had noticed nothing.