A pink taxi

A pink taxi

December 19, 2011

Albums and Blackberry Photos

Photo albums are the wealth of the exiled people. They are the first thing we carry out of our countries. Albums are precious. I have made sure, in the footsteps of my parents, to build albums for my children.
This is a multicolored process. Carry the camera, take the pictures, develop them and put them in albums. Suffice one of these steps get complicated and the album building falls apart. My favorite photo developer has realized that it is no longer lucrative to develop. People have stopped developing. Their albums are virtual, on their computers: hard drives, floppy disks.

And I now rush with my blackberry, saving moments, taking snapshots of the daily. These photos get shared on the instant. They get saved and looked at upon any random conversation, upon any random idle time. Like a photo you carry in your wallet.

On a trip to Lebanon, my uncle mocked us and our fascination with snap shooting with our blackberries. He should know that blackberry shots and iphone ones that you can design and manipulate are one of the funnest photographic activities we have got...to the detriment of our beloved albums.

All photos posted here are blackberry snaps. We have selected a few of the very best. The photographers will be proud but will remain anonymous.


  1. This entry with all the BB photos is a great playback of 2011!

  2. In one of my secret closets I keep treasures of black and white photos of ancestors of mine and my wife's.In other closets are albums of my children and decades past.When the digital revolution took over the 120 and 35 mm films,the new gimmicks replaced the traditional ones.There is no way back,but those paper treasures will remain for posterity.