A pink taxi

A pink taxi

December 16, 2011

Burj Khalifa: A Hollywood Star

I walked out of the Mercato movie theater and I imagined I still was on the set of Mission Impossible 4, starring Tom Cruise and Burj Khalifa. The tallest building in the world was glittering in our back yard.

In my opinion, those are the only two cool items in a somewhat jumbled, scrambled movie, with too much action and too much speed. Where was the suspense?

How I missed Tom Cruise! I haven't seen him in a good movie in a while! He oozes self confidence. He's got the biceps for that, the smashing green eyes and the sharp features. But he has put on some weight....

As for the Burj Khalifa, it looked splendid, sleek and sexy. The views were incredible, the stunts were awsome. It filled me with pride that our Burj had become a movie star!

Of course I screamed with excitement when they showed the scene I had waited 18 months for: Tom Cruise running underneath the arch of DIFC. I had just told the story of how I had seen the shot being filmed when they cordoned access behind our building for the shooting. From the 43rd floor I had seen Tom (the size of a peanut) run as the extras were orchestrated to move as he traversed the DIFC run. Then the cars on the all too familiar DIFC round about, that were literally "parked" in total stillness, began to move like a merry-go-round that resumes its turns.

How strange to see the effort of many takes and the suspension of activity in my neighborhood for half a day last only split seconds on film!

It was worth watching Mission Impossible 4 because of the scenes in photogenic Dubai! Tomorrow morning,  I will rush to its esplanade, to see the rising sun reflect in its shimmering glass. The esplanade that I frequently visit, alone or on coffee dates.


  1. Just the night before we saw the Mission Impossible- Dubai,we were watching Top Gun,the 1986 movie that propelled Cruise into stardom..A quarter of a century had passed and the heartthrob Cruise manifested the same energy and charm.Ladies sigh when you remind them that Cruise will be 50 next year,and I am sure that teen age girls consider him ancient while the forty something consider him still as their idol.
    Definitely the film's budget was gigantic but definitely the editing and production was terrible.Dubai had so much to offer than a stupid 30- minute sand storm.Shots in the Creek,shindagha,Souk Mirshid and the Gold souk would have made the chase much more interesting.

  2. I can't comment on movie as I haven't seen it yet. It will continue to showcase Dubai's image as an international city of mystery. Question is whether they will open a Church of Scientology in Dubai?

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