A pink taxi

A pink taxi

December 4, 2011

My Father and I BBM

My father is the most prolific commentator on this blog. He will always add an angle to my thoughts, always remember a detail. He showcases his writing style, an inkling I have inherited from him.

For the most part, my father and I communicate by blackberry messenger. I have seen him corresponding with others, using that tool. He has magnified the font to large and bold letters so that he can read it with ease. I even know the volume of his pings.

I can imagine him reading my silly comments, frequently sharing them with my mom and always shaking his head in disbelief. He has caught on to my blackberry humor and idiosyncracies. He changes his status photo and message occasionally, certainly not as a frequently as I do. Recently, he had "Dubai had a Party" as his status message. He also posted "The UAE is forty something" when they celebrated their National Day, referring to my generation of forty-somethings that he considers as wild and crazy.

He rotates photos of his grandchildren and sometimes children. He posts the city he is in with a pretty photo that he has taken himself. We all know that he is a talented photographer.

Always he reads my comments and answers. With humor. Sometimes with astute perception. I like to know that I can disturb him with  a question, that I can share a moment, that I can send tons of pictures.

It is fun to communicate with my daddy on blackberry!


  1. Touched and humbled.

  2. I am also so touched by this piece! It actually brought tears to my eyes for two reasons: 1) because you were able to capture our father's essence so well, and 2) because I miss him so much.

    You are so lucky to live so close to him, and for your children to spend quality time with him, your eldests spending the night and munching on popcorn at their grandparent's home. I, and my family, enjoy him in bursts, but filled with quality time, moments that are always immortalized in beautiful photographs filled with sunshine and color.

    Our father has raised the bar for what a decent man, husband and father should be. It is very difficult to compete with him, and what he has achieved throughout the years. We look up to him, and many others love him for his kindness, his warmth and his intelligence. He is a father figure for so many, whether his inlaws who respect him and joke with him, or his nephews and nieces who all enjoy spending time with him. There are very few genuine and deep people left in the Middle East. Our father is one of those rare few.

    Kiss his hands for me....

  3. Speech is silver, silence is golden.

  4. I know have the honor and pleasure of loving and kissing his namesake every day and night.