A pink taxi

A pink taxi

December 7, 2011

DIFC Rituals

I cross the beautiful wooden bridge that takes me to DIFC village. Before my circuit training, I sit in front of the Emirates Towers view and listen to music. I prepare for the physical challenge this way. After the class, I reward myself with a detour by Nadim Karam's fox.

And one day, as I was leaving the glass fox, the tamed friend of the little Prince, I got a blackberry response from my cousin in Lebanon. I had asked him a trivia:

"Shoot an apple of my head" who are these lyrics by? (It was predictably wasy)

The answer startled me first:
"Your Pakistani concierge in the building".

I spilled into a cascade of public laughter. I threw my head back to laugh with ease and then the ceiling of the DIFC arch caught my eye. I never cease to marvel at its architectural prouesse. When I sent the photograph to my father by bbm, he supplanted his nephew with the distinct raw humor of our family: "I am glad you don't do drugs!"

Working out at UEnergy frequently and lavishingly and eating at Petite Maison occasionally and festively, getting a caffein high in the coffee shops, lunching at Bateel on the balcony, eating a delectable Indian meal at Gazebo and dreaming of the chicken wings at Caramel every time my yoga instructor uses the image of chicken wings in class. These are rituals I love. I celebrate them in a beautiful serene environment.

This is why I am happy and content living a stone throw away. Crossing the street with my children, eager to play. They run on the lawns, throw a ball, even play mini golf. And I always take them to the fox, them and their cousins. Ask them what the tail looks like, how the face appears like a carrot if taken separately.

We love our neighborhood!

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  1. What a journey from desert wanderers and beachcombers in the the last quarter of the 20th C to urban dwellers in the 2012's.Dubai has two separate architectural worlds:the pre boom era dependent on Gulf-Indian architectural atrocities,and the new period of some architectural jewels like Burj Khalifa,theGate at DIFC and Emirates Towers to mention a few.There are rumors that interest has arisen again in reviving the Creek district that has been neglected in the boom mayhem.The Dubai Creek is and will always remain the heart beat of the city.