A pink taxi

A pink taxi

December 17, 2011

My Study Habits

I am surrounded by talented friends. I know they work hard to attain their goals. They have chosen career paths and Dubai, the new eldorado, has offered its opportunities and markets. I observe them, busy bees, creating, producing, delivering and meeting their deadlines.

In contrast, I have chosen to bring up my family full time. No sooner are my children released from school, that they are taxied, tutored, fed, taught, instructed, played, washed, read to, organized and tucked into bed. It is a juggling act. But I concede, I do get my free time: time to coffee, to write, to practice my sports, to follow art and film....to sit under a palm tree and read. I make the time.

While the workaholics watch tv, I am tutoring and bathing. While the workaholics lunch, I am sitting under that palm waiting for my children to get out of school. To share their stories, their misadventures, to prep them for their homework.

Indeed, if anyone knows how to study it is me.  I think I studied more than the average student, be it the brilliant one who didn't need to, or the average student who didn't think it was necessary to do so. For two decades I deprived myself from outings, from television, from empty hours of chatting, from hanging out. I studied. I was a book worm, a library ghost. I never slept in. I always set my alarm very early. I always studied ahead. I always completed ALL my work, never skipping, never cutting angles.

Granted I was a late bloomer. I developed study habits in eleventh grade. I had three years to do all the catching up for the eleven years of daydreaming. In grade 11, given my unfriendly disposition and my school change, I sunk into studying. I never indulged at boarding school. I studied ahead, prepared for exams, devoured books.

During my university years, a decade long, my days and nights were exclusively academic. I haunted libraries, I frequented every student center in the state of Massachusetts, drank coffee over my study notes in every new Starbucks that emerged in the 90s. My notes were handwritten in three colored pens, my syllabus were highlighted in fluorescent colors of work achieved and I composed multitudes of papers!

Move over you workaholics! I have done my works due. While you were skimming readings, socializing and building your careers, I was learning. I am now enjoying the fruits of my hard labor.


  1. PT Blogger is sure making up for lost time!!

  2. Those who succeed in life (and what constitutes success is very subjective) are those who prioritize and achieve balance.

  3. I never studied after 6pm.I started my days at 8 am,I almost opened the library with the university librarian.I never panicked before a final exam,I went to the movies the night before.My wife was the opposite in her studying habits,she panicked and studied to the last minute before the exam room doors opened.I guess that's why opposites attract.