A pink taxi

A pink taxi

September 26, 2011

Solitary Games

Most people take up golf because its a networking game, a social activity, centered around the game and the apres-golf. I have benefited from that aspect of it, playing with acquaintances, then turned friends! However, and excluding the principal reason of becoming a "golf-mom", I have learned golf for myself, for my ME time.
I may take "ladies morning classes" at the Golf Creek Club. I often recruit a friend to join me. Its good quality time spent together. Yet, non of my friends to date have really gotten the "golf flu" which translates into constant practice and play. I therefore escape, in solitary, on the small par3 and play on my own. What a relaxing feeling!

I recommended swimming to a person with back pain. He complained: "but it is such a solitary sport." I smiled in delight because I really love solitary sports. I know that I swim because it is my own time, alone, the only sport I can perform without guidelines, instinctively: laps after laps.

I enjoy my solitary games. I run at my own pace. I enjoy the silence. I think of my independence. It is a luxury to know what to do when you are alone: a freedom!

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