A pink taxi

A pink taxi

September 27, 2011

Mainstream Music

"My heart's a stereo...." The tune begins this way and it plays langerously and ad-nauseam on the radio. My girlfriends and sister love it. I switch channels when I hear it. But I must confess: my heart is really a radio.

I get into the pinktaxi, buckle my kids up, start the car and my finger goes straight for the stereo. We surf on four channels. There is a modus vivendi, where the four of us are very much on the same wave length and we agree to switch channels. No family would zap this harmoniously through TV channels for example. However, when it comes to music, we beg to concur!

Dubai's DJs except for Nathalie and Mo are all British! Set aside their accents, their particular sense of humor and listen to the music: it rocks!  I was telling my aunt and she disagreed. She said it wasn't alternative enough. For that, stay locked to 92FM.  I certainly am a fan of alternative, college style music.

But I must say that I am not averse to mainstream as I pretend to be. I may even have posted an entry about Rihana and Enrique (how embarrassing but I still think he is a heart throb). They play Eminem's song with Bruno Mars at least a dozen times a day and since I drive every shift, my heart squeezes every single time I recognize its first notes. Every single time, no fail.

The other day, at UEnergy, with the DJ in the house (how cool is it to work out with a DJ spinning?), they asked me if I had a request, knowing how enthused I am by music. I hesitated. If I asked for EXAMPLE I would sound mainstream so I gave the standard response: "its all cool. Nothing comes to mind." It was 20 mins through that my brother muffled my scream: aaaaaaaaah! They are playing EXAMPLE and mixing it. Did I tell you I didn't know how to run? The music sent me direct to the treadmill on 11 speed!

Mainstream music can be fun...."There's a stranger on my bed....pink flamingos in the pool" I hum Kate Perry to everyone's surprise! I can be full of contradictions.


  1. I have to confess that while my teenage kids were growing,I was following their favorite music.Now it gets harder with my grandchildren whose tastes present a yawning gap with mine.Except for one,whose face expressions make me follow his favorite songs.My eldest grandson memorizes songs now better than his own studies,and repeats certain lyrics without knowing that their massages do not suit our culture.