A pink taxi

A pink taxi

September 5, 2011

One Last Time

"A handful of cherries" (at Swiss franc price of gold), to prolong the summer
One last time

A train ride, an art show
A descent on the waterslide of Geneve Plage
A stop at the public library
A ride on a city bike
One last time

A stroll by the cedars
A coffee with creme
A climb on the monkey bars
A kiss to the pretty Swiss blond friend who takes us boating
One last time

A far away park
A visit to the natural history museum
An artsy movie
A melon flavored macarron
One last time

A 30th day of sailing
A large purchase at FNAC
A late night up
A late morning in
One last time

A dinner of raclette, only because the weather is cooler
One last time

1 comment:

  1. This posting rang so true in my heart, because I could relate to the melancholy of last times, especially those preceding la "rentree". The end of summer is a magical time, calling in the beginning of a new school year, representative for many of us as a new beginning.
    We become more introspective as we rush into it all, our children adapting to new classrooms of students and teachers still unknown, us mothers attempting to adapt quickly for their sake. But deep down, the adjustment lasts into the Indian summer, and it is only when the the cold hits in (at least for us on the East Coast), that we begin to feel settled again into our comfortable routine.

    This year I felt more anxious than usual, comfortable as I'd gotten into my summer's routine. But then Z adapted better than expected to his new school, embracing his classroom and his teachers uncharacteristically well. T, the more sensitive one, is still holding back, but I feel reassured when I pick him up and he has a smile on his face.

    New beginnings follow last times....so let us all embrace them and enjoy the new year to come! Good luck to all!