A pink taxi

A pink taxi

September 13, 2011

Guest Blog: The Bull&the Wolf

Djokovic met Nadal five times and each time Nadal lost. Same happened with Federer,all break up on the Serb's rock. In all games the public booes Novak  and the stern player doesn't care. The proof remains in the pudding.

I watched the US Open final at the beginning of the second set. It seems the first was an easy breeze for the Serb wolf. The Spaniard looked nervous and committed one mistake after the other. There goes the second set.

In the third set the Spanish Bull lost his confidence entirely and subsequently. lost his service,allowing the Serb wolf to hold him from his jugular. The American TV commentator said: it is a sick feeling in your stomach to face a player like Novak hitting balls that can't be returned. It is definitely a problem of confidence with Rafa,especially that Novak was playing "beyond believable".

As the sun sets on the Arthur Ash stadium and the third set comes to an end: 6-2,6-4,5-5 with Nadal serving;Rafa gives up and awaits the end with the invincible Serb serving to victory. Yet Novak looses his serve and the exhausted gladiators (after 3 and a 1/2 hrs  go for a tiebreak.)And the bewildered and disappointed crowd get their surprise: Rafa gets his 3rd set and go to the 4th.

In the 4th set Novak gets a back ache,asks for pain killers,and gets a massage from his trainer. Tension mounted,McNroe questioned the long medical time out from his TV commentary seat.

The 4th set break played again to Novak's advantage,sailing through to 3-0!then Novak wins his last set 6-1 to give him his first US Open win.

Over and out to you Dubai after 4 strenuous nerve wrecking hours. Fell on the ground as healthy as ever he faked that health break.


  1. "Love him or hate him, the dude is a monster"
    An important art critic once said at a press conference in NYC on Picasso.
    I can say the same about my boy. I'm very proud of him. As Saad mentioned
    "The proof is in the pudding"
    Is anyone in my camp here? Or has Yes-MEAN Salam put a spell on all
    everyone? Hahahaha...

  2. I begged for comments and fumbled my phone to get them once, in the middle of the night. None of my fellow commentators were awake to watch it either, except for the sole female tennis fan friend who commented the first set for me (thanks).
    At dawn, the promised analysis awaited me, gripped me with its suspense and its final result. No doubt, I agree fully with the fable like images. The bull may be obvious, but the wolf is even more!
    I thought of La Chevre de Monsieur Seguin and its fight with the wolf, that ate her, as it had the other goats. "La loi du plus fort est toujours la meilleure". ( The law of the strongest will always prevail) What LaFontaine forgot to mention was the trickery of the wolf!
    I could just picture The Wolf tapping the ball for the 16 th time "tac tac tac tac tac tac" in disconcerting annoyance before surprising the Bull with an ace. His defiant look, his indecent demonstrations of victory.
    As a silly joke I once commented on his average looking attire and suggested he join the Serb soccer team! There at least he could fake his injuries as well. And then I knew it: he reminded me of Matterrazi all along!
    And Roger Federer is non else than the legendary Zinedine Zidane!

  3. Our passion to Fed aside, Djoko has been playing amazing tennis ... Now did he fake it or not? I can't tell as I missed the game so I cannot be the judge, but considering the chain of consecutive winnings and the international rating we need to admit to the fact that he has well positioned himself to be acknowledged and that he is here for a while!

    Having said the above ... Fed is still and will always be the man ;)

  4. Well well well...

    I wasn't even interested in watching the game.. The outcome, unfortunately, was obvious.. Let's give credit where credit is due : today Nole (I hate that ridiculous name), is on top of his game, he's by far the most gutsy player out there. The question is : can he keep it up ?
    There's a beautiful interview of RF after his loss against Djokovic, where he talks about the way he (Roger) was brought up, versus "others" (Djokovic) and that he (Roger) couldn't ever have the attitude "others" (Djokovic) have..
    A bonne entendeur...

    Double You