A pink taxi

A pink taxi

September 15, 2011

Back To Shape

Every time my parents tell me I am overdoing the exercise, that I should give my body a rest, that working out (almost) daily is bad, I tell them that I take that rest for two months of the summer.

My husband advises me that it is wrong to take such a long brake, that I should find a yoga/pilates/gym in Switzerland. It just doesn't fit in my outdoor routine!

I therefore have to pay the price. I come back, out of shape. Not completely out of shape, because I am quite active with walking (no car) cycling and swimming laps. But at the end of two months, my metabolism rings its alarm: "if you don't go back to stretching and weight training, then you will loose the battle with fitness." Perhaps I have not gained weight with my outdoor activities, but I certainly have lost muscle!

How can a mat level 2 class pilates become a torture session? Show up to your first class in 80 days and you will find out. "Pilates is easy" claims my youngest, in this case, ignorant brother. But exercises that seemed basic to me once, feel strenuous now and I now realize that no swimming, no cycling will solicit the core the way pilates does! My sore abdominals are reminding me of that today.

While I am very clear that I am not a "cardio" adept, where can I classify 80 lengths of an Olympic size pool, or 3hours of biking? I cannot categorize them on the same level as bikram yoga. My heart rate went up so high in my first session that it was still beating when I laid down for my final savasana. I challenge the fittest to contradict me about the intensity of this activity.

I will work myself back to shape. My winter activities in Dubai are, no doubt, much more challenging than my summer ones in Geneva!


  1. Yes, I was just noting the other night, as you gnawed on a T-bone steak the size of Texas and nibbled on some salad, the size of your biceps. They did look horribly small, about the size of a small watermelon, and I am delighted to hear that you are going to "get back into shape." Heaven forbid your biceps not have their own zip code or even worse if your abdominals cannot deflect a head butt.

    Oh and your heart rate going up in Bikram just means that your body is going into crisis mode wondering why after 3 blissful months of gorgeous weather and outdoor activities you have decided to punish it by returning to 40 degree temperatures outside and 42 degree tempratures inside. It's called suicidal. I think people contemplating bungee jumping off a gorge get their heart rate up as well...

  2. You are the benchmark of fitness...when I exercise, people ask me if I exercise more or less than you, or if I lost more or less weight than you....For a younger sister, it could give me a true inferiority complex of which I may never recover.

    So, as a result of this inferiority complex, I have pushed my exercise regiment up and of course my husband curses me out: "you're turning into your sister. obsessive compulsive, and of course, (the descriptive he uses for you affectionately) ANOREXIC." This is the most flattering thing I have ever heard btw. Which makes me wonder about how we were raised? :) being anorexic is a compliment and you can never be too thin. A saying that still stings today" A minute on your lips, a lifetime on your hips". Ouch! Makes me want to get back on the spinning bike right now!

    So go eat some carbs and indulge in that special K bar. You only live once!

  3. "It is not for you",was the typical answer from the blogger,when I sent her a message on her Blackberry:hey Siss,I'm going to join you at level 0!The Pilatese Priestess transformed to a boyish figure,does not mix words about any subject especially when it comes to sports,food or education.Good luck on your return to the Big P,and may you not suffer much getting back to shape.

  4. A number of corrections and comments are in order... I happened to be around when the blogger was discussing the subject with her younger "ignorant" brother, he happened to tell her that pilates is easy COMPARED to bikram yoga. I would have to agree with her wise and handsome brother, bikram is definitely more of everything compared to pilates. You burn way more calories and it is by far more challenging. I am starting to appreciate bikram for its stretching and cardio work out. I do not believe I will be going as often as our dear PTB but I shall go as often as once a week mainly to relax my tense muscles and strengthen my spine. It is a great addition to working out at the gym and some good old fashion cardio on the treadmill.

    On another note, the PTB tends to compare her daily workouts as "torture", rather than this hate hate relationship, she should enjoy her workouts, make peace with the fact that pain is not always necessary. As our blogger's guru always says during his bikram sessions, don't think about how difficult the session is, try to escape and meditate, it will make everything so much easier. I also wish he would stop reminding us that we are in pain DURING every session, all this while attempting the JanuShirasana and Garudasana postures... tell us BEFORE the class starts or AFTER, not during, that just makes us even more exhausted!!

  5. I had a FAT ELVIS moment last night as I was eating my way through baguettes, foie gras, and chocolate mousse. I remembered that I haven't hit the gym or worked out in a month and a half! I'm DREADING the first workout as I feel so out of shape. I told PTB that I'll shock my body with a full week of Bikram. I'm really looking forward to it. What really petrifies me are the atomic push ups! But I hit my benchpress target of 100 kilos right before Ramadan so getting back in shape should be a breeze. Farewell buratta. I shall miss you these next few months. Where have you been my dear old friend protein shake? I've missed you.