A pink taxi

A pink taxi

May 1, 2011

Ying and Ying

Today is the birthday of somebody very special to me.

He happens to be the most enthusiastic supporter on my blog. He is  by far its most prolific commentator. And what is a blog without valuable comments?

This man is my father, who is recognizable in his comments by his wit, analysis and candor. At my age, or perhaps a decade later, he wrote his own memoirs, in a beautifully sentimental correspondence. An apple never falls far from the tree, does it? My expressive nature did come from him....as did my physical appearance. In France we were once told that if we cut our heads off, we could be twins. "Coupez la tete!", said the French man.

My heart has always belonged to my Daddy. He was a  well dressed, athletic yuppie in the 80s, sporting New Balance sneakers, Ralph Lauren chic and Banana Republic in its safari cool days.  He is meticulous when he dresses up to go to work, clean shaven, a sporty blazer or suede sport's coat, and chinos. He remains one of the cooler dads around, with  good taste in music, a sense of humor a la Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, able to converse with his grandkids and older generations alike. Eventually, stiff competition came from the Afghan front, but my heart always remains tied down to my father. He has now become a Jiddo, the Arabic term for grandfather, and he embraces each of his grandchildren with love and jokes. He has welcomed each of them at the hospital in his fanciest outfit, blazer and colorful Hermes tie, and whispered the fatiha in their ears to protect them from harm. Jiddo is how I have now saved his number on my phone and in my heart.

Many who know the two of us well, notice that my father and I have the same disposition, attitude and many personality attributes. Sometimes this means we collide like Ying and Ying. But most of the time, we get along perfectly, much more Ying and Yang.


  1. Pinktaxiblogger couldn't have said it better, you are the best father a girl could ask for. You have become more than a father to each of us. I always look forward to our conversations, to our emails, to our vacations together, where we meet as family but also as friends.
    You are the one who shops for food with so much love and care. You are the one who wrote to each of us when we were homesick in boarding school and college. You are the one who walked your daughters down the isle on our wedding day. You have been with each of us for so many important occasions, and are always a source of comfort and love. More than anything you are a role model for all husbands and fathers, in the way you have loved your family above all.

    Happy birthday to a very special, handsome, loving father. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you!

    Lots of love always,
    your other daughter :)

  2. We love the jeddo, the Bek, still the youngest in heart in our beloved family...he has been there and is for each one of us...when we call he answers on the first ring, when we write he provides constructive comments!! all the grandsons and the granddaughter should thank allah for the presence of such a wonderful human being in their life...may the evil eye be blind! happy bday jeddd

  3. I received a message from a dear cousin whom I grew up with as twins,11 days apart in our birth date:"66 aesthetically is pleasing in appearance,we don't need to exploit it further...So make the best of it and celebrate accumilating more wisdom." My short answer was:" I was hoping you would wish me a Happy 2nd of May rather than reminding me of my 66 milestone."
    Age is a learning experience,where you need to constantly adjust with the times.The baby boomers is the first generation that refuses to grow up,pushing working age,enjoying life to the max,and as my older son says:"you dont want to let us get on the scene,you want to stay in the limelight."
    The blogger gave me a key chain with"Life Begins at 40"a long time ago,together with"My Heart Belongs to Daady" key chain. I still use the first,and happily hid the second.

  4. Happy Birthday Ammo... Thank you for being an amazing father in law and jiddo ... I hope Saad Junior will always look up to you as great role model and follow in your foot steps.
    Inshalla you will live a million happy years.
    Have a great Birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday to the best father in the whole world! You are my role model as to what a loving husband and father should be. Words can't describe how much I love you. I tell you I love everyday when I kiss and hold my son, your namesake. Now let the celebrations begin! Abu Saad