A pink taxi

A pink taxi

April 28, 2011

Circuit Training Holidays

Allow me to re-introduce myself. I am the youngest in the family, the one with the DJ name, who complains every morning in classical arabic before going to school because I don't want to "learn anything". I will be a  four year old narrator  for this entry, although my mom refused to endorse the narrator from the book Room in her post about Child Narrative. Sometimes she can be very contradictory....

There is nothing that I love more than vacations. This means I can wake up at 730 instead of 630, at which time I give my mom a taste of her own medicine by waking her up to get the day started. I am not sure why I do that, given that my mother's vacation days are like circuit training (not unlike school days).

One of my mother's main priorities, if you haven't noticed that already, is to make each of us study every day. She carries activity notebooks for me to the pool and we practice handwriting while my brother swims. The French learn how to write before they learn how to read, so focused are they on cursive handwriting. I am in pre-K, and they make me practice what they call graphics, which is an early stage of cursive writing. I much prefer reading so instead I work on deciphering the complicated words on my siblings books, like "grammaire" and "francais".

My sister who is in first grade only does maths and reading.  My poor brother is stuck with all the subjects you can possibly iamgine, and they repeat the complete program three times until you pass the infamous bac. I am telling you, I live in a constant circuit training.

Then my mom piles in the activities, one after the other: golf, ski (yes we do ski in Dubai!), swimming all in a single day. Then my brother is dropped off for a sleepover at a friend's house, we stop by for a visit to my great-grandmother, my mother fits in a pilates class followed by a circuit training session! Her driving resembles a run on the treadmill, constant! Other days we do karate, ballet, golf competitions, horse riding and violin. Can anybody say "tiger mom"? I participate in some of them, but while I am still too young to try all of them, I sit and watch my big brother and sister perform. We also get to do really fun things on vacations, like attend birthday parties and playdates with cousins too.

I try to stick to her like  Robin does with Batman, accompanying her even to her coffee trips with my dad. Gladly I am the one who wakes her up on vacation days....but perhaps I will soon realize like the other two siblings that its better not to stir the circuit trainer while she sleeps.


  1. Dear Narrator,

    I am so happy to hear your little "voice" on this blog. But what surprises me is that it is unexpectedly tame and understanding! If I were you, and had to sit and practice hand writing while your siblings do fun activities then I wonder why you don't have a sign board that says "Down with Dictatorship!"
    And do I sense ripples of pride throughout your narrative? Hmmmmmm Are you sure you are not narrating under duress?
    Also, I think waking up your mom at 7:30 is not a great idea! Let me tell you something about your mom....she loves, loves, loves, anything remotely related to pain, suffering and human hardship. So, if you really want to get her back, do something to her alarm system which means that she will have to sleep in (gasp!) and miss her pilates/bikram/Training with Angry Man!

    Your cousin who empathises with you

  2. Each child and grandchild is born special, with a different character and DNA print.This Leo narrator is gifted with a special sense of humour,unusual to somebody his age.We treasure our special stories and certain words that make us giggle together while putting on a staright face.He has a tender quality of communication,not least his use of "fusha",that Arabic-speaking adults find difficult to use.He also has an imagination that thinks in cartoon fiction,a trait that he got from one of his uncles.He considers his older brother as his hero,and adores his sister with no limits.
    He is so observant,that he can narrate so well his Tiger mom daily calender.Keep it coming Miro.