A pink taxi

A pink taxi

April 6, 2011

Fitness Regimen

I would never pay for a massage. I think I get the same relaxing benefits by attending pilates because I come out of a session with all my limbs stretched. I try not to look at the prices on a restaurant menu because I always compare them to the prices paid for a private session of training or pilates. Now, which one would I prefer: a steak or a U-Concept session?

My fitness routine is splattered all over my weekday mornings. I try to limit my wearing sweat pants to those hours only.  Frequently I will prefer an exercise session to a coffee morning or a shopping spree. It really is high up there on my "how to be happy" list, up there with playing golf!

I used to be a "all exclusive" pilates type of girl. Then I decided to diversify, to integrate a weight lifting program in all respect of the pilates guidelines. Essentially I made the trainers swear they wouldn't force me do crunches. Eventually the two programs fed onto each other. At the gym, I concentrated on lower body and upper body, giving core training my best at the pilates studio. But I brought the core to the gym, paying attention to my posture and shoulder stability.

It was then that I threw in Bikram yoga, making it a challenging cocktail because I would go to yoga at night, wake up in the morning "sore as hell" and hit the pilates studio. I sure could find my hamstrings on those days! At Bikram, I could assess my shoulder or chest strength. If I couldn't "commit to my arms" it meant I needed to strengthen my shoulders. If I couldn't lift my arms like an airplane in a laying yoga pose than I added the shoulder presses at the gym.

Most of these fitness sessions, be they pilates and Bikram at Club Stretch or circuit training at UConcept are always eventful ones. They seldom turn into routine. I learn each time I am there and challenge myself to the next level. What is great is that they compliment each other!

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  1. Those who can't differentiate between good coaches, instructors, or personal trainers never had one! They make all the difference in the world!