A pink taxi

A pink taxi

April 17, 2011

Golf or the Beach?

I had wanted to join the debate club at college but found out it entailed travel as did swim team so I refrained based on the fact that I would rather study instead. At the debate club we could have discussed the advantages of weekends at golf versus the beach.

It seems my family has chosen golf over the beach without hesitation. Perhaps I am to blame, as my husband doesn't play. We abandon him and the youngest and spend at least 3 hours a week there as a trio: my eldest kids and I. Golf widowers the other two have become!

The concept of kindergarten golf is new to me because I wasn't so involved with my first child at that level as I am with the second. I used to just drop the first child to class once a week, while the second child has the advantage of playing with me every single week after class. We play the par 3 course together, both for her and my benefit.

Therefore instead of building sand castles and floating on the waves, we select our clubs, take our pink balls and head for the first hole. It is the best bonding time for a middle child and her mom. But considering that my daughter is stuck between two boys, she is very fiesty. She also is a very intense and determined six year old. She knows what to do, she sometimes gets frustrated and she vents. I ignore most of her temper tantrums. Golf calms her and we end up having a perfect time.

The temperatures are rising in Dubai and we will put our clubs away very soon till next October. Now I think its time to hit the beach!

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