A pink taxi

A pink taxi

May 22, 2011

Three's Company

This is the last English wish I make to you, girls! I now pledge to only speak to you in French and to begin tutoring you the complicated grammar spoken by the Frogs, from this second year onward.  Have I just gained 3 students in one go?

Your parents, 2 years ago, were not blessed with a single baby, or even twins, but with triplets! That is 6 years worth of love, sleepless nights, milestones, teething, diapering, playing, crawling, dancing, baby talking all crammed into 2 years.

They bestowed upon you simple two-syllabic names that remind us of Gone with Wind, a Hollywood movie star of the 1940s, and a red head goddess from our family. When you were babies, we would mix you up, and request to be reminded of these individual names, but now you are each so very distinct in personality and looks that we can almost always differentiate you.

Your mother manages the household with human resources methods. Everything is planned, everything in order, everything is noted and it all appears harmonious. Why doesn't anybody accuse her of being a tiger mom? You were fortunate to be born in a dolce vita household. So your parents have decided to outsource your tutorials to a fierce Tiger mom, who is related to you, so there is no escaping!

Bonjour, je serai votre maitresse! Your mom was alarmed when I told her that I would have manuals ready in September and that I would put pencils in your little hands! Half an hour each will make for a hefty 90 mins tutorial a week.

Everything counts triple in your family.


  1. Cheaper by the dozen was a joke,until the poor father was shocked when he heard the doctor telling the then-calm parents that it was to be a triplet and not a twin.
    Taking care of the lovely kittens was like watching a production line,made possible by the ample filipina help,and a mom who is a sergeant major and a father with an enormously big heart and lovely and calm demeanor.
    Happy birthday girls,and may you survive your aunt's impulsive traits towards education.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful and thoughtful post on our girls. They are all the more well rounded because of the very special family that they have around them. There is a lot to be said for being exposed to crowds at a young age – they love the attention! This came as a result of becoming a pit stop for the family and friends who wanted to come and watch the assembly line in action. This curiosity developed into a thankful rest for me, as I would thrust the first bundle available on hand into the visitors’ arms with a smile and hurried instruction. That’s how it happened that often our visitors ended up bathing, dressing, feeding, burping, changing or comforting one of our little girls.
    I am delighted that now they are no longer in need of “hands on” help that blogger will be there to fill the role as the tutor…god help them.

    Mom of the TT's

  3. I agree about everything you said about my wife...but what about their FATHER?! Why isn't he mentioned in the blog!?