A pink taxi

A pink taxi

May 6, 2011


100 is a magic number. Counting till 100 is a milestone for every kid. No hide-and-go-seek happens without it! 100 of anything appears like a large quantity, no matter what you are counting. Reading 100 pages is a challenge, so imagine writing them!

I may be the only one counting my posts, because I cannot always count on my muse and frequently, inspiration will ignore me, pass me by, give me the cold shoulder and the composition of more posts are quasi-feats. I have thus counted this entry as my hundredth of the year 2011!

Just say Hundreds and I think of the most basic pilates move which consists of the epitomous non-crunch abdominal work. Anyone who has ever sampled a single pilates class will always ask about the arms flapping and will gasp about how hard "hundreds" are! Six years into it, with very small variations, I still think they are mysteriously a killer, no matter how simple they really look.

For my son, hundreds represent four laps of a 25m pool. During swim practice, he is given instructions to swim, in hundreds and fifties. Later, he will count them to average his distance for the day.

Today he raced 50s, in the same pool as the Dubai resident, Vladimir, Olympic Serbian swimmer and World champion of his age group (17). Vladimir swam his 100 butterfly, 1/3 under water, before surfacing like a dolphin. 100 is a challenge no matter how you look at it!