A pink taxi

A pink taxi

October 14, 2010

One Hundred and Fifty

I didn't think I would make it this far! Instead, I imagined my inspiration escaping me. How many more details can I mention?

Blog writing has been effortless for me. It probably requires more energy and time for the readers to log on and sometimes comment. It surely takes a lot of dedication for my sister to edit me, for my father and older brother to comment on 95% of the blogs and for my husband to post me even when he is in Kabul!

I sometimes wonder, like any one with a production (however meager mine may be) about the topics chosen, the frequency of some topics, the way I approach a souvenir, a book or a movie, the way I portray people and movements and events.

I want my blog to reflect a certain stream of consciousness as I never force myself to write about something, nor do I force inspiration. Ideas pop out and I jot them on the blackberry.

My current identity has certainly changed with this new activity. I can now add an asterix to busy mother and append: I am also a blogger. In today's day and age, people blog like they jog. I am still proud to be a regular blogger as I compose daily, some pieces longer than others.

My site is not technologically advanced and I cannot tell how many readers log on. However, nothing is more rewarding than receiving a written comment, even when it is small, because it is an indication of readership.

Amusing are the times I receive personal emails or blackberry chats about the blog of the day.The funnest time in all this blogging activity are the conversations that surround it. My friends and relatives tell me they read me, they make their comments, state their opinions and I get encouraged.

I always ask them to point out a posting they like most or remember reading, or one that amused them. It is because I wonder about my own preferred compositions. I often write short anecdotes to get my point across. Many times I deal with academia: my own or my children's. I always find it necessary to allude to an art work, even when writing about yoga, feminism or hunting. Most pleasurable for me is to mix a cocktail of subjects into one, because of the freedom to write "the way I think".

The mental stimulation gives me the energy to write. Writing is conducive to more writing. It comes with practice. Like practicing a sport or a musical instrument.

Yet I always question: will I be inspired to write tomorrow?


  1. I am posted!This is the Blackberry message I get from my favorite blogger.It reminds me of a funny story where a friend met an important personality who asked him:how is your friend?He surprisingly asked:what friend?The personality smerked and said:but you only have one!Of course,I look forward to the rich variety of subjects,and am amazed at the gushing ideas,to an extent I suggested that this blog should become a book of ideas shared by others!

  2. I read all your blogs, perhaps not everyday due to the time factor, but I have read them all and have enjoyed them so much that I decided to get my dear Mother of 86 a laptop so that she can enjoy them as well. So the computer is ready and she has had some training and the only thing left is to hook her up to the internet and get her a mouse! I hope she enjoyes these blogs from her grand-daughter as much as I do and secretly I wish she might become computer savy enough to start her own bolg and inrich us with the stories of her fantastic life. Dear Yasmina, not only have you kept us connected but you are also inspiring us!

  3. Congrats on reaching this important milestone! Keep on blogging!

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