A pink taxi

A pink taxi

October 11, 2010

Muscle Memory

Muscle Memory. As the old adage goes, " You never forget how to ride a bike". Once you get the balance, it is all the same. Any bike, any time, any age. Something in your mind or muscle clicks and you are peddling again, no matter how long it's been since you've ridden a bike. I am quite content that I invested energy and patience with my five year old daughter who was determined to ride her new shiny two wheeler bike. She will never forget that moment of freedom.

The same applies to winter sports like ice skating or skiing. In the majority of cases, skiers and sometimes skaters, don't practice the sport till the winter months. Putting your ski clothes and gear can be a daunting experience on day 1, because you always wonder: "I am not in shape, I have forgotten and especially I am not sure I am ready for this." Past the first, second and third slope or tours around the ice rink, you being to regain your balance, your muscles are being solicited again and you relax. Of course this is unlikely to happen in Dubai where you can ski and skate all year long. Additionally, your muscles will remind you that they almost forgot how taxing those winter sports can be on the body, when you wake up the next morning.

I get the same feelings of intimidation when I come back to Dubai,  and need to kick my body and mind back into shape. I return to the pilates studio and shyly take to the  Mat or Reformer Level I with the beginners because I have forgotten the moves, the terminology, the choreography. My muscles go into auto-pilot and scream out: "you may not have used us, but we have not forgotten the moves!"

When I carry my golf clubs back to the range for swing practice after a long withdrawl, I feel clumsy. Golf is all about practice so the lack of it, worries the player. However, I must always keep in mind that my muscles will always remember. Just swing the iron! Don't think about it. It's just like riding a bike....

Getting back into shape shouldn't be a daunting experience.


  1. Just like riding a bike.....
    Easier on a bike sometimes! ;)

  2. There is nothing worse than getting out of your excersise routine,and trying to resume it at a later stage.You will use all excuses in the world,to delay:it is almost like trying to quit smoking,and promising yourself to do it on a certain date.
    What is also frustrating is to keep up with technological adjustments,and trying to learn how to operate a new PC,Ipad or phone,or a TV surround system.Children can adjust easily and have no fear of those machines.My 2-year old grandson can use his IPad more assuredly,while my 5-year old grandson grabs my BlackBerry to play his favorote games!

  3. I've recently resumed my training regimen in the gym. It's daunting to say the least after a long lazy summer! But surprisingly, your body swings back into motion if you can get your ass back to the gym!