A pink taxi

A pink taxi

October 22, 2010

Boston: my town

Nathalie was promoting the Ben Affleck movie the Town on Dubai 92FM. Boston happens to be her town too. I enjoyed watching the movie. I love Ben Affleck and Boston is a very photogenic city. 

The movie isn't about Boston itself. It is filmed in Charlestown, a neighboring suburb. I knew Charlestown well, as it is a 5 min drive away from Boston, but perhaps not well enough to recognize every street corner. Charlestown has been mentioned in this blog, in Chefs in the Family, when I compared my brothers' cooking to Todd English's. It was English who drew me to Charlestown with his Olive's and Figs restaurants. I never thought it was a bad neighborhood. In fact it has been gentrified. It didn't have a Starbucks when I was there, nor a GAP but it was a nice residential neighborhood in many areas and perhaps the projects that are mentioned in the movie are further down.

The movie was all about Ben Affleck with his really worked out body and his good acting. He played the part of a likable anti-hero, a bank robber. There were a lot of car chases and a lot of adrenaline rush. It makes for an entertaining movie.

As the robbers crossed the bridge to Boston, I looked for the familiar streets and my heart would squeeze. My beloved Boston! I lived there for 9 years without counting my various weekend escapades there while at Smith. My memories are blurry and happy and I have always alluded to them on this blog.

I do have one regret though and if ever my kids study there I would make them this added recommendation: to go watch the Red Sox! I never did and the movie had a pre-game scene which caused these regrets. No other regrets though. I knew my city inside out and I certainly appreciated  and noticed its beauty while I lived there.


  1. Boston is an Irish city,and Charlestown is the place where the Irish blue collar lived.The film could have been edited better,though it won lots of acclaim.My children have one eighteth Irish in their gene pool,so they do love it.
    I hope that my grandchildren will have the opportunity to frequent one of its many reknowned colleges and universities.Boston is a four season city,something we miss in Dubai and the MIddle East.

  2. As a fellow ex-Bostonian I couldn't help but sigh when I saw the picture you posted. Amazing how the city casts a spell on you. Once you've lived there for a few years the city really does become a part of who you are. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such a terrific movie. One of the robbery scenes was shot right outside my cousin's apartment building so I had the opportunity to meet some of the cast, including the gorgeous Ben Affleck. What I like most about it also was just watching Ben Affleck and the cast walking around wearing shirts supporting the Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox. Boston is such a great city and the fact that The Town was shot there made the movie that much more like-able for me.