A pink taxi

A pink taxi

March 8, 2011

Tuesday's Class

I look forward to tuesday mornings, when I can take the pilates mat class at Club Stretch. It begins at 930am, which falls perfectly between school drop off and my morning errands from the Oud Metha Starbucks to the Port Rashid area.

As you have read in previous postings, I am very conscious of my need to focus, to empty my head of all superfluous thoughts so that I may concentrate in class. But today, I walked in distracted by a prior phone call. To begin with I don't like phone calls. I find them to be distracting.  But unfortunately life isn't styled in such a way  that every pilates class is worry-free.

Distracted, I positioned myself for class. I could tell from the very beginning that I wasn't tuned in 100%. The instructor's familiar voice was a guidance but it wasn't the only thing I was listening to. I heard it like music with a certain rythmn and  I kept pace in the same way I listen to music sometimes without registering the lyrics.

I had been to bikram yoga forty eight hours prior and my muscles were sore. Fortunately and for that reason, I was very in touch with my body this morning: when the instructor requested the hamstrings to be engaged or the belly to be pulled in, I could feel my hamstrings and my belly. I could call on them and they reacted appropriately.

Strangely, despite my fleeting mind, my body managed to take over. It was like dancing. I have never danced (except for fun) the way dancers do, but because I knew the choreography,  and because I allowed my body to "go into autopilot" the way the instructor forbids us to do, I managed to perform and feel good.

I then felt a rush of adrenaline, my body became supple and strong and soon enough, I brushed my worries away and was feeling much better.

 I was thinking positive again. On a positive note, we'll end with The Cure's "Friday I'm in Love"....


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