A pink taxi

A pink taxi

March 6, 2011

Quality Time

I type this post,  while riding on a Swiss bus,  on yet another administrative adventure, with my youngest child. I left the other two kids "home alone". As a threesome, they make for a loud bunch and I wanted this session to go smoothly. This aleatory moment of "quality time" with him, has the charm of a date. We went to the "boulangerie" and bought our favorite "pain au chocolat" and shared it. We sit hand in hand, and my eyes and ears are focused on him alone.

Family time is a treasure and doing things all together is extremely fun, but once in a while being able to spend quality time with one member is even better. I will cite a few examples and they all revolve around sports. I enjoyed "stalking" Tiger Woods with my mother in tow at the Dubai Desert Classic. I giggled at a final tennis match with my brother, a Federer defeat I otherwise would have cried about. I also look forward to playing a par-3 golf game every Friday with my debutante daughter, an hour spent playing, talking and sometimes arguying.

But today, I want to dwell on a specific family member, whose birthday it is, and with whom I have spent many lovely quality moments: my sister-in-law. Women are often skeptical of their husband's sisters. She doesn't seem to. After all, she agrees to take a weekly golf lesson. We often have coffee after class and sometimes play the par-3 together too. We even went together to stalk Tiger Woods at the Desert Classic. Our relationship is casual because her character is such.  We go to fashion and art shows together. She frequently drops by our house with her toddler son, as we are neighbors, and we have built a pleasant and comfortable friendship through these moments.

Happy birthday to a sister-in-law and a good friend! Wishing you many happy years to come....


  1. To the best wife and mother in the world,

    Wish you a happy happy Birthday! May all your dreams and wishes come true! You're simply the best!

    We love you,
    Teymour and Saad

  2. The nice thing about a big family is the occurance of many occasions,such as births, birthdays,anniversaries and celebrations.
    There is nothing more rewarding than quality time bonding one on one with members of the family.Though I am often made fun of because of my ADD qualities,in that I quickly loose interest in long-winded conversations with some,I cherish experiencing quality time with those who are crisp and quick in their sense of humour.
    Our best wishes to our N on her birthday,may all her dreams come true.

  3. Dear blogger
    Thank you so much! Ur always so thoughtful :)
    I consider u my big Sis. and friend. Thank god we don't have any of those in law complications. :)
    Thnx for b day wishes
    Lots of love