A pink taxi

A pink taxi

March 27, 2011

It's Your Birthday, Read My Blog!

I always tell her that she stands very close with my daughter as my favorite Afghan chick. My children certainly embrace her as a compatriot and call her Khaleh, a term of endearment which translates as Aunt, but really means so much more. My extended family members, as she knows a large lot of them, call her the Afghan Princess.

It is true that she was born a princess on March 28. She has also grown into the title with ease, graceful and elegant as she is. Beautiful she is from the outside and the inside.

Her only two flaws, I may permit to say is that she doesn't exercise enough, satisfied as she is with her mannequin figure. Her other flaw is that she doesn't read my blog. She probably thinks Hello magazine is more gossipy! So, take out the sports and the writing and find a common ground for our friendship....it is so large, "mashallah" as she would append, that a blog post wouldn't do justice.

As for my many flaws, she accepts them. And I think her tolerance for all my silly idiosyncrasies is laudable.


  1. Dear Blogger,
    Thank you for introducing me to your Afghan Princess. She is now my Afghan Princess too and her sense of humour and friendship have become indispensible. She has a heart of gold and endless love for those lucky enough to be counted among her friends and loved ones.

    While she doesn't read your blog she is always updated on the juicier entries by me.
    Happy Birthday Myri...



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