A pink taxi

A pink taxi

March 29, 2011

American University of Beirut

Nothing comes close to the American University of Beirut. Only my birthplace could accommodate the high standards of the American university system abroad. Even the American University of Paris doesn't have the same reputation as AUB does.

In fact, across the world, when people ask me where my parents met, I use the acronym AUB, as some use LSE. My Lebanese father met my Iranian mother in the late 60s, when Beirut was at its apex, right before its fall into civil war.

AUB campus resembles the Stanford campus in its charm. Yet its green area, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, is in the heart of West Beirut. It therefore has an urban feel and it has never been isolated from the political upheavals, whether domestic or regional. Therefore, its student body has always vibrated with political causes. These are the students who have overcome political disturbances to concentrate on their studies as well.

Till this day, AUB has conserved its political culture and its search for excellence. A good friend of mine and classmate has returned to Beirut to teach at AUB, attracted as he was by its long tradition.

In my family history, AUB is how I described my parents' education in college applications. It also is a very romantic symbol: it is where their love grew forty two years ago. John Travolta economics major meets Brigitte Bardot, history major. So inspiring was it that I found my soul mate in university too. History repeats itself, I told my parents.


  1. We want to be the first to wish you a Happy 42! Its important to mention the number because its an inspiration to all on how to preserve a strong, enduring, and loving marriage after so many years. We wish we could celebrate this important milestone with you. But we will be sure to celebrate when you return safely to Dubai. Enjoy your honeymoon!

    Lots of love and kisses,
    Saad, Nissreen, and Teymour

  2. University is an institution of higher education and research, a place where you go to learn and if you are lucky, you will experience love... I was one of the lucky ones, like the blogger and my parents to have discovered my soul mate in university... AUB has always been to me a symbol of where love was born and on this day, I wish my parents a happy 42nd Anniversary, may the love you have for each other live forever in the lives of your kids and grand kids...