A pink taxi

A pink taxi

September 6, 2010

Regatta at Hermance

My son should  actually be writing this posting, as kids always must recount a memorable event from their vacations. Perhaps he will do it, in French, in two weeks, when he goes back to school. I write it because we had two vantage points. Mine is second hand, from dry land. He experienced his first sailing regatta from the water.

We parted this morning, a little after dusk, when the air was cold and the water was still. Even the buses in the direction of his sailing club were asleep. We resorted to the most expensive taxi ride in the world (in a jalopy of a car) and arrived with the coaches. My son had volunteered to help them take the boats, attached to one another in train fashion, to Hermance which is 30 km outside Geneva (one hour away by motor boat trailing sail boats).

Later, after his siblings had played in parks and had their lunch, we began our bus journey to Hermance. A lovely experience as the latest model public bus took us on a trip through farm land and lake views. We passed suburban pavilions and luxury villas, villages, schools and churches. In half an hour, we arrived at our destination to see the small boats, with names such as "Optimiste" and "Equipe" with their three sails floating on the water in tight races.

This regatta was nothing like Cup America with huge sail boats and stunning sails. They are ten times smaller and cannot be distinguished from afar. I could not tell where my son was. His siblings and I sat on the grass with the other relatives and looked upon the beautiful day, while waiting for our sailor to come back.

The regatta was an all Geneva sailing schools event and I saw sailors from all schools. Kids were decked in the latest gear by Guru and Henri Lloyds. My son, in his simple Oakley trunks and a handed down Patagonia jacket from his mom, looked original. The Societe Nautique club which receives the Alinghi crew had their kids wearing all the Alinghi paraphenelia. My son's Yatch Club came first for participation!

When our own sailor did come back, we hailed him as our hero. His team came in tenth out of fourteen but we encouraged him and reminded him that it was his first summer with the Equipe boat and more importantly, it was his first regatta. A bit disappointed, he convinced himself that he did better than 8 others since they sail by team of two. His brother and sister will never forget him receiving his prize.


  1. Dear Torab,

    Nissreen, baby Saad, and I are so proud of you! Congratulations on completing the Regatta! We wished we could have been there to cheer you at the finish line. In any case, you are our hero! You are also the first sailor in the family! Perhaps, one day, you will teach Saad how to sail. We love you.

    Nissreen, Teymour, and Saad

  2. So proud of our handsome Torab who braves the cold lake to sail. Tarek is so impressed and one day, when he understands more, Zayd will too!

    Khaleh B.

  3. Until I took the bus last week and visited Hermance with our little champion Torab and his family,I didnot appreciate how important a challenge it should have been for him to participate with other better trained Swiss kids.
    The 20 minutes bus drive from Geneva city to Hermance is a pleassure by itself.He was so enthusiatic and eager to show us his challenge spot,and upon our arrival,we found more kids getting trophies for that day's race.
    Geneva is heaven for children and adults as well.It is the city-town-village combo that you miss in major cities of today!