A pink taxi

A pink taxi

September 27, 2010

Lack of Inspiration

Blame it on Agassi, or my beloved routine.

I just cannot find the inspiration. Where is my muse?

Even though I was in a sleepy town, I was able to come up with the minute things to write about (there is a correlation between the quality of the coffee and the inspiration) . Now I look around, in this vibrant city, and nothing pops in my mind. Not a memory, not a thought, not an opinion.

I tried going to Starbucks for a caffeine high but I soon discovered that the coffee is too mild (it gets a C). It doesn't turn the bulb on. I alternate with Cariboo and despite the grade B coffee there, still nothing. Only once, at Barista (grade A) did the light bulb shine bright with a pilates posting.  That is when I typed away.

Inspiration, where have you gone? Why haven't you hit me, like a brick at a traffic light?

Perhaps I have fallen behind in my Le Monde reading, and no movies have been worthy of a critique. I went to the premier of Wall Street II: it would take me a sentence to opine on it. It is a chick flick with remnants of finance. I hate it when movies are customized for the largest common denominator!

Agassi has distracted me! All I do is read his book and write about it. I have been so engrossed with his book that I will now post TWO entries on the tennis champ. Sorry for those who don't like tennis, or sports.

I was asked the other day: how is it that you get so involved with sports icons? It's a childhood thing, I was a tomboy. Then, as a mother of boys, it just continued. Choosing one athlete over an another, a team over another always starts with associations: the French soccer team or the originally Iranian Agassi.

I type this preview of the up and coming double entry on Agassi. I hope the sequel will be more substantive than Wall Street II. Perhaps once I post Agassi, I will get the distraction out of the way and a cup of Barista will get me back on track!

The brick must hit me and the bulb must turn on!


  1. I've met many people who complain about a lack of inspiration in Dubai as compared to other cities or locales in the world. Before anyone attacks me for criticising Dubai, I want to make a disclaimer that I love my hometown wholeheartedly. I believe it's one's duty to criticize constructively for the common good and continued progress of Dubai. Perhaps, you are lacking inspiration because everything is a bit too perfect and bit too pre-packaged in the Dubai you inhabit? Perhaps, there is a little too much instant gratification? I would recommend you tour Satwa and Deira with your family. Go walk in the gritty yet real and genuine parts of Dubai. Go revisit the Dubai of your childhood. A visit down memory lane might reignite your imagination. As for coffe, you finally have come to your senses and realized Starbucks for what it is: over packaged and marketed coffee! I love my Carribou and Barista (to quote Tina Turner) is "simply the best better than all the rest!" It's the closest that comes to a real Italian cappucino because it's actually served with crema. As I post this comment, I'm sipping a deliciously home brewed cuppa of coffee.

  2. It is not easy to be constantly productive especially after 110+ postings.Even my comments dried up too!I think it is because Dubai is the base of Pink Taxi,where you got submerged again with your duties as a mother,wife and a Taxi Driver!!