A pink taxi

A pink taxi

September 25, 2010

A Golf Vignette

What were we thinking, playing golf , in September, in Dubai?

Granted, we had  just gotten back, slightly over enthusiastic about starting again and my son has signed up for a par 3 tournament next week, for which he needed to practice. He took the initiative to play on the 9 hole par 3 course at Emirates Golf rather than at the location of the tournmanent, Creek Golf, even though the first one is a tougher course.

We began the golf game at 9am precisely. We were holding up well after the first two holes. But slowly, as the sun ascended, we got hotter despite the light clothing we were wearing, the sun screen,  and the Roger Federrer caps. It was obvious that sweating would be the best and the only way for us to combat the rising humidity.

My son looked at me and attempted a valid complaint: "Isn't it hot?"

"Don't think about it," I responded. "Sweating is good for you. Just be zen. It's like bikram golf!"


  1. hahaha pauvre Torab! Bikram golf, il ne pouvait y avoir que toi pour inventer ca ;)
    Profitez de votre saison de golf, ici on va bientôt sortir les moufles!

  2. Only you would come up with a term like Bikram golf!!! Has Torab has his first Bikram yoga session? It might be time we introduced him to his mom's passion. It might be interesting for him to see the 1 guy his mom is truly scared of ;)

  3. ...and you my dear blogger are a Bikram nazi!

  4. This was torture at its best for Mother&Child!
    Yet remember Fedderer trains in the heat of Dubai just to make a much awaited come back!