A pink taxi

A pink taxi

October 23, 2011

Mental Exercises

Our Millenium is made of shortcuts. The formula is to perform fast, to find a solution quickly. In short, its the destination, not the journey that matters.

And this is where I put my foot down in classical revolt. As an eternal student and constant consumer of knowledge, I am all about methodology and process. I don't really care about the subject matter per se, but rather believe that if you are studying, and applying your brain and logic to problem solving, then your thinking is a mental exercise that is as profitable for you as a sportive activity is good for your body. With that comparison in mind, the results are the same: they are very long term. It is chisle, chisle, chisle at your body and at your mind. You will not achieve anything overnight.

I ponder scientific problems with my 8th grader son. I never did when I was his age. I daydreamed during science classes and handed "blank" pages for homework and tests. I took the shortcuts and bluffed my teachers and parents. I didn't need good grades in sciences to pass classes. I did well in more creative subjects. I am therefore learning about the chemistry of water and the way insects breath....for the first time.

I also memorize with my children. I believe in the mental stimulation of memorizing because whatever you engrave in your heart and mind has to be digested first. It is the opportunity for us to "dwell on words", be they poetic, scientific or religious. We frequently have sections from the Quran and the Hadith to learn and the challenge becomes linguistic. But every mental exercise needs paring down, understanding and eventually the gratification is awesome.