A pink taxi

A pink taxi

February 24, 2011

Writing Under the Influence

Friends ask me where I find the time to write regularly on my blog, as if time is too precious for such an extracurricular activity. In my case, as I have once mentioned in another post, time is not the issue!

Nobody ever asks me where I find the inspiration! It may seem natural and rather easy to write about an event. But while I am at an art event, or at a sports competition, or at a concert, or on a trip, I wonder how my writing can do justice to the intensity of my feelings and reactions. I also ponder on a proper analysis of current events.

I have made it a sweet habit to celebrate the closest people to me on their birthdays. But I think I do them more justice on a random day, when my heart goes towards a memory or a reflection of their talent. So I dedicate only a small paragraph to their birthday posts.

Memories often jolt me back to a special moment which I rush to jot down. What I write in a thousand words is but a single image that emerges to the surface of my memory. What I try to convey is a single detail that permeates throughout the essay.  This is what I call the twist. My reason to write is to twist the experience, the book review, the portrait, the sport, the trend, the event. How I come up with that twist requires....a coffee.

I write when I am caffeinated. Under the influence of the tall cappucino with skim milk. This often occurs between 815 and 820 am when I find a Starbucks cafe, where I read, write and drink coffee. Sometimes my parents call me at that time, and sensing the caffeine high in my voice, they ask: "are you drinking coffee"?

I may say that some musicians and painters, poets and novelists have often created while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. For my blog, it is the capuccino of 815am or sometimes the iced latte of 4pm that ignites my inspiration, and helps me find that twist!

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  1. Chemical dependency can sometime cause the floodgates to open and over 265 postings to cascade non stop.The Starbuck generation as the Facebook and Twitter generation are the same group causing tremors worldwide,expressing their emotions and feelings in a public way.