A pink taxi

A pink taxi

February 10, 2012

To Savasnah or not to savasnah

I used to believe in naps. I got into the habit to nap every weekday morning. I put everything aside to nap. It was a priority for me to rest. I refuelled. I could barely operate without it.

The philosophy behind the nap came from yoga, which requires savasnah, rest period, between two exertions. I was a busy active mom and I enjoyed the tranquillity of my morning nap. I took it only in the absence of my kids, when they were at school. Upon their pick up, they found a rested mom and a rather enthusiastic one too.

It took me an instant to fall deep asleep. I just needed to set my head on the pillow and as instructed in yoga, relax the body fully. Shut off my busy mind. Rest. The delicious sleep followed. Frequently a cat nap. The alarm was set for 20 minutes, or 30 minutes or if I was fortunate for an hour.

I still believe in naps, but I rarely take them now and like anything else, if you loose the habit, you loose the urge or the dependency on it. My fatigue sometimes urges me to take a nap. I still remember how to fall instantly asleep. Besides, I follow my grandmother's preaching: suffice to close your eyes to rest, even though you don't fall asleep. The stillness does the body and mind good.

But today I prefer to stuff my days with more activities. Spend time with a relative or friend. Have a supplementary coffee to conceal the effects of fatigue. I can't have the cake and eat it, can I? How could I add horseback riding to my routine if I took a daily nap? Wouldn't I prefer to read a novel?

And savasnah is merely a state of mind and body. Take a few minutes to relax, to zen out, find your happy place, in a coffee shop, with your friends, alone under a palm, with your nephew at the zoo, on a horse, at the beach.....just relax!


  1. George Castanza in Sienfeld used to power nap under his desk at his imaginary office.When you undergo an Executive Annual health test,one of the main questions goes round the importance of the cat nap.The Chinese and the yellow race in general are the best at it.Standing in a bus,traveling in a ferry or waiting for a train,they never fail to refuel energy by taking that nap.

  2. Naps are great! Only if we have the time...