A pink taxi

A pink taxi

February 6, 2012

Blog Subjects

In this virtual space sometimes themes stand out; a taste for coffee, green boxes from La Durée, music, skiing, and of course growing family.
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Obsessive behaviour takes place on my blog. I claim to tackle many subjects ranging from literature to sports. However, in those subjects and the many others: gastronomy, art, music, education, film, travel and Dubai, I constantly return to the same details, the same players, the same detailing of the details.

I have written at least 50 posts about bikram yoga, another 50 posts about the radio, another 50 posts about my family history, some 25 posts about Cold Play, 25 posts about Franzen, 25 about Pamuk, 25 about Roger Federrer, 25 about Tiger Woods. I am exaggerating but those subjects have been examined in minute details and zoomed attention.

These are the subjects that I select on this blog. They are picked and elaborated because I live them constantly, I experience them in routine, in constant practice and interest. How can I miss Tiger Woods if he sets his foot on a green in the UAE? How can I not convey my emotions when I turn the dial of the radio at all times of the day as I cross bridges, highways, examine architecture and feel the pulse of my city?

Every trip to Geneva, no matter how melodiously slow-paced the city is, calls for a portrait of the quaint Swiss lifestyle, of the gastronomical gems, of the art exhibits I visit and the artsy films I view there. Every event in the UAE, musical, artistic, sportive demands a post! I attend two film festivals, two golf tournaments, two art fairs and countless music concerts in the UAE in a single year.

As a mom, my children take me on a roller coaster ride, forcing me to educate them, entertain them, follow them, listen to them, observe what they do. Again, I cannot help blog about this experience.

I live most of my activities as if they were events rather than routine affairs. I learn something new every single time, I see things from a different angle, I question my past views, I experience a story, a thought, a reflection. I sharpen my skills and take my observations out of context and apply them to another aspect of my life.

And always I will think by association and I will write by stream of consciousness, thus tying one subject to another, albeit unrelated. How did I manage to toss music, golf, riding, pilates and writing in a single blog-salad and title it "Nuance"? I even added a dash of French to it. The post ended up as anything but nuanced!

My motto is to write with a twist. To mention a memory but put it into perspective, to analyse art but make it approachable, to write about fitness but make it analytical, to dwell on literature but make it digestible! Blogging may be "graffiti literature" but that is what makes it light and I hope readable!


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