A pink taxi

A pink taxi

December 27, 2010

Winter Break Releases

We can all identify summer songs because they are light, pop and entertaining, often very catchy and designed for us to dance the summer nights away.

Then we listen to them some more in the fall, nostalgic as we are for the carefree times of summer holidays. Other songs blend in, but they all sound the same, in their average tunes.

We were talking music over dinner, with my cousins, uncle, spouses and my own husband. Here united, we were all Depeche Mode, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, the Cure and U2 fans. Only I didn't appreciate Billy Idol but who was I to disagree in such honorable company? Then my cousin inquired: "what music do you like today if not 80s?" I was ready to enumerate: the rappers and Cold Play. Then we were off on another tangent, sharing our notes about Cold Play.

The radio really rocks in San Francisco. The minute we hop into our rental, up and down the highways in the Bay Area, on our trip to Santa Cruz, to the City, we put the volume high and enjoy. 

Rihana's What's my Name will always remind us of crossing Bay Bridge, or the trip to the mall. My youngest and most musically inclined has selected it as his favorite: "oh na na!". Sometimes Enrique Iglesias comes on with his signature ahs and ohs and we turned the volume on. When Kanye West's latest, Runaway, plays, it is my turn: "louder!"

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  1. Summer songs are meant to be light and fun. It's supposed to capture the mood of a particular summer. How often do you tell yourself when you hear a particular summer tune "Oh this song reminds me so much of summer x!" I tend to prefer winter songs that are more serious and reflective in nature. Winter songs help you get trough busy works weeks and nasty weather.