A pink taxi

A pink taxi

December 31, 2010

Dear Editor

I have been taken aback by your birthday. The match, your husband, contacted the matchmaker, myself, twice. He didn't need to remind me that you were born on December 30! Yet when he said you logged on the night before, at midnight, to find no surprise on the blog, it was I who was disappointed!

It is true that I often mention birthdays on the blog. Sometimes I append a "happy birthday" to the end of a post that is related to the person and sometimes, I write a full posting about the dear relative. You, on the other hand, orchestrated a full symphony of wishes from all my close ones on my own birthday and hijacked the blog! I sobbed with emotion.

I have mentioned you many times on the PinkTaxiBlogger and the readers know by now that you are the hard working editor and technical person behind this endeavor.  I dedicated the 100th post to you and composed it in French. It was summer and I was engrossed in Swiss culture and French literature and my inspiration came in French. In fact, I challenged you to reconsider French literature as alive. Here I am, drenching myself in American literature six months later. You have always been my inspiration.

In the Middle East, and in Afghanistan in particular, little laudatory mention is made lest it attract the evil eye. I will therefore conform to tradition and nuance all my descriptions.

You are gifted. Gifted with the Scandinavian looks of ‎​Katherine Haigel from Gray's Anatomy (see pictures above). Gifted with the concentration and intensity of a Stanford and Georgetown Law graduate. Gifted with the creativity and sensitivity of a fiction writer. Gifted with the love and generosity of a giving mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. Gifted with the energy and stamina of a cardio motivated sports-woman.

Your husband, the young man I introduced you to (which wouldn't have been possible without the blogger's husband), had the audacity to urge me to write something, when I only write with inspiration. Granted, I was somewhere in jet lag slumber when he did. Had I been in my Starbucks routine, perhaps the extra shot would have jolted me to express my feelings on such an important occasion.

Always remember that when the sun sets in Dubai, my kids bid you and your handsome family good morning in New York.

You are always on my mind,
Happy Birthday Editor,
Pink Taxi Blogger

Posted by my hubby, who loves his sis-in-law equally.


  1. we love her as khala bouche, i love her as my truly only sister, as the postive figure in the family, as the wife of one of my dearest friends, as the fashion consultant and a true role model for a modern muslim, arab, iranian and american woman. Happy bday AMORA, we love you...from AT and K

  2. This season has been Very Tough for me.As a father,I have been accustomed the past 31 years to celebrate the 30th of December.Unintentially,I have been feeling uptight since I heard that the tradition has changed this year.There was an early decision to cancel Duabi trip this Cristmas because our beloved New Yorkers opted for Beirut this spring.Understandabley you cannot cross the Atlantic with two young children three times in one year.Try to logic that with a father who lives on these opportunities to see his loved ones.
    I feel guilty that I have not been nice about the change in plans.Now, I understand that I was in the wrong to nag about it.I want to wish our birthday girl the best on her birthday and hope the coming years will be healthy,happy and prosperous.It is enough that I know she is celebrating with her loved ones in a place of warmth,relaxation and tranquility.

  3. Dear Amira,
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and a wonderful year ahead of you. We were very fortunate to see you, Dean, and the boys this year. Thank you for visiting us in not so sunny San Diego and hope you will visit again soon.
    Lots of love and kisses to the birthday girl,
    Vida, Behnam, Reza, Keon, and your aroose...Nina xxx

  4. Amboorie! Sorry for the belated wishes but Happy, Happy Birthday love. Hope you have a fabulous year and hope we can celebrate your birthday next year together in Dubai.
    The Tabrizians

  5. We love you Aunty Amira! Happy Birthday! Can't wait to celebrate in style when we see you next! Enjoy your personal time with your loved ones. We miss you.

    Nissreen, Teymour, and baby Saad