A pink taxi

A pink taxi

January 5, 2011


Capricorn is an astrological sign. For those who believe in astrology, Capricorns are known to be friend loving and very attentive. That must be a  good omen for the building we live in,  The Capricorn Tower. And true to its name, we have become very good friends with our neighbors. In fact, many call it Melrose Place or even "Binayat Yacoubian" (Yacoubian Building) after an Egyptian melodramatic novel. I think Capricorn is best suited.

The benefits of living at this Siddiqui building are its location, near DIFC and Emirates Towers, its beautiful architecture and the people who live in it! We joke that we all sleep in cubicles stacked on top of each other. Some of these neighbors happen to be family, and others are close enough to be called family. We live in harmony, frequently bumping into each other on the fourth floor that connects the apartments to the parking garage (at all times of day and night) and often in the elevators. We visit each other, go out , exercise and have coffee together. My kids have playdates in the building, and trick or treating cannot be made more simple!

Below you will find a list of our closest neighbors. The ones my children harass with questions and noise. The list is in no specific order and unfortunately words are not enough to represent the unique and special quality of each of these friendships.

W: His house is always open to us, and we have watched many a memorable tennis match with him as we don't own a TV and we share the Roger Federer passion. We also share a love for the Alinghi team and  W has spoiled us with much  paraphernalia of both sports.

L,D,Y and M: We most often bump into one of the four members of this family either at Emirates Towers gardens or at Starbucks! Of course, we are often celebrating with them because these are party people and they are famous for having the coolest parties in town.

L and F:  These are neighbors you can depend on. Whether it is bothering them for a Webster dictionary or asking them them to bring medicine from Switzerland for us. Every time we wind up at the same party, we remind ourselves that we should have driven there together. But this couple is too polite to discuss all the parties they are invited to, lest we not be included also.

T,N and S: This is my FAMILY in the building, with a very special baby to cuddle and play with,  and to watch grow. They offer organic hospitality with only the best produce and the finest deserts on the table. The house is wallpapered with brilliant art. The door is always open for the intruding kids who need some music advice or for myself, to share a movie. When we travel without the kids, we know that no matter what happens, we have them right there in the building. It makes the building even more comfortable to live in.

A and H: When you walk into their apartment, you enter the world of books, books, books.  You can find there a grand piano that isn't out of tune or just there for frames to sit on. The hostess cooks the most scrumptious Jordanian delicacies!

H: Our next door neighbor, and the resident of  our home away from home.  He hosts us for delicious Ramadan iftars, or when we need to escape the chaos of our children. Two words come to mind when we think of his home : Elegance,  and Refinement. Dreams of Christo and Opie.

S,S and N:  They are the hosts of   the most interesting parties to attend in the company of very intellectual people,  while enjoying Iranian cuisine and the most cutting edge art. The prettiest addition to the family has settled them as permanent neighbors, for which we couldn't be happier.

SMS and T: It is such a pleasure to have an office decorated with Maadi and Ben Bella to escape to on a random morning. My children have crawled there, under their grandfather's desk. Now that their younger uncle works there, he has become a Capricorn honorary resident, and neighbor.

AFGS: "Baba" works just downstairs, two elevator rides away. We barge in for technical computer assistance or in search of discipline and a lot of fatherly love. How can you beat such a short commute to work?

These neighbors have made our lives in the Capricorn Tower and in Dubai a true pleasure. It is so nice to know that all these people are so close by.


  1. so lucky to have such great neighbors! You especially! Capricorn without you just wouldn't be the same. S especially wouldn't be happy not having his cousins around!

  2. You are very lucky to have such an interesting and nice set of neighbors! Having good neighbors makes living in an urban setting much more pleasant and intimate. Most importantly it's nice to know you can count on people when there is an emergency, especially when you have kids!

  3. The building was named so because the second Seddiqi brother is a capricorn.I have been their neighbour in down town Deira Tower for 20 years,when they told me that they were building their own tower on Zayed Rd.I got my office and that of my son in law on the blue print in 2002 and moved as first tennants in Dec 2003.Then the domino effect followed,daughter and son,friends and relatives.The latest to avoid the Capricorn was my youngest who opted for the elegant Rolex Tower on the same highway,a metro station away.
    When choosing to live in a building,the choice of the landlord is of utmost importance.Yet your neighbors as your relatives,you cannot choose,and we were lucky that most if not all of the neighbors are quite interesting and nice.

  4. The capricorn tower is dear to us as well. It makes for one stop for us to visit our dearest friends. I can still hear kabir convincing Mohammed that we move in as well so he has us all literally under one roof. Salaam/Arghandiwal warm hospitality as always.

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