A pink taxi

A pink taxi

January 13, 2011

Golf Mom

I only took up golf so I could follow my son. He started at the young age of 4 and I used to watch him on the range, clapping for every ball, without comprehension.

I remember stopping his coach one day and asking: what are all these clubs about? What is their purpose? So I took "ladies classes", me the anti-social, the one who flees anything that looks remotely like a desperate housewife lifestyle.

I am now passionate about golf. Many of my friends, especially the macho ones, scorn the activity and don't even call it a sport. I am lucky that my husband is supportive, albeit he isn't even willing to try. I always think of that ancient garden activity, that is merely a game, called croquet where you pass the ball through the ring; or worse the mini golfs that large families play on the side of the highway in the West. Luckily, Tiger Woods, despite his controversy, has made it a cool game.

Aside from his weekly class, my son practices once a week on his own while I take his sister to ballet. He much prefers when we practice together, or when we play the par 3 course. Playing the larger course together is a treat! Occasionally, we will team up for an adult/child tournament, and I am always the liability because I don't play as well as he does. He doesn't mind that at all.

Recently, I was invited to caddie for the Abu Dhabi Open. Considering the distance, I refused to participate. Instead, I offered to caddie for my son at a Junior Tournament. I took caddying one step further and decided to coach him as well. I gave my recommendations on what club to choose, how to improve his game and especially I made sure to be there for the moral support.

I wouldn't know the inner game of golf, had I not been a player myself. The pressure and the accompanying gloom if you play wrong or miss a "silly point".  When it did happen to my son last week and his game went on a "downhill", I tried my hardest to say the right thing, to explain, but also to stop "being a mom" at the right time.

I am happy to be a golf mom, waiting for my daughter who has just started to improve her play also and expecting to add the youngest who is eager to join. This will justify my own training. Perhaps I will then be a better golf partner and a more experienced caddie! My paternal family has been playing golf for two generations now, so I must live up to the tradition.

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