A pink taxi

A pink taxi

January 17, 2011

Good Friends

My children have a French book that has been handed down from one sibling to the next. It is a story about sharing one's treasures, and how what goes around always comes around. A story of good karma. One day, a rabbit  finds a carrot in the snow and instead of eating it himself he leaves to his friend the deer, who in turn gives to a bird, who passes it on to a horse, then to a sheep, who brings it back to the....rabbit! This story is also about close friends, and the circle of friendship that links them all together. It isn't about recycling presents, although a cynical reading of it, could get to that conclusion!

This symbolic story happened to my circle of friends recently. My sister in law had purchased a "Palestinianaut" by Larissa Sansour at an art fair a little while ago. It is a plastic piece of art, a toy-like figure, part of a larger installation. When we attended a show at Green Art, I happened to see a Palestinianaut and I decided to buy one. My sister-in-law, who knew I loved hers, had secretely purchased one for me also! I saw her face turn white when I excitedly told  her about my own purchase, but I reassured her by telling her that I actually intended to give it to my close friend and neighbor.

A few months passed,  and we visited this same neighbor. I hadn't gifted him the Palestinianaut yet. He approached us, a bubble-package in his arms. "Look what I got myself! Two of these!" It was my turn for my face to turn white, and then an uncontrollable laugh escaped me: I could tell it was a Palestinianaut! I obviously renounced to gifting him a third.

I now have someone special in mind to gift the Palestinianaut to, but I will keep it a secret lest he read the blog and find out.

Maybe this posting is an indicator for others to run out and buy Palestinianauts! They certainly are a hot commodity amongst my circle of friends and family.

Check out the song by the same name by Justin T:


  1. Since I am the man with a Palestinian mother,who has lived all his life watching the Palestinians orbit round the diaspora since 1948:I believe I should be the one to get the surprise to add to my collection.

  2. What goes around comes around? Perhaps the Palestinaut shall orbit back to its righful owner?