A pink taxi

A pink taxi

January 11, 2012

Snow Patrol

She made a public declaration, on the radio waves. I caught it and laughed. DJ Nathalie, on 92FM introduced Snow Patrol to her Dubai audience with a personalized:

"I want to marry the lead singer!" Lucky lead singer I thought as I told my kids the anecdote. I quote her sms: "yes I love them and him, Gary... My future husband. He makes me swoon."

She played the tune, which is track 2 on the CD she prompted us to buy. My kids now love to recognize that tune in particular: "Snow Patrol!" they call out at its first alternative notes. And just evoking the band by name makes us laugh in a Dubai whose only snow is artificial at Mall of the Emirates.

On Monday, while I was at the gym, locked onto 92FM,  with a personal trainer who handed me an intimidating jump rope, Nathalie played Snow Patrol for some 20 minutes, but very special "dj only" versions, accappela, live etc. Jump roping wasn't as challenging anymore. I sported with delight.

It is hard for me to describe Snow Patrol with my amateur musical ear. They come in the trails of Oasis. They have a demeanor that is proper to today's generation: green, laid back, simple, casual. They are alternative because they aren't rap or hip hop or dj hip. They aren't mainstream like Cold Play. I bet they fit in the College category. They have good vibes like REM but they are less, and it is their "less" that makes them cool.

A band, that is all.

I can't wait to see them in March on Sandance, at Atlantis!


  1. enjoyed reading this :) i think Snow Patrol is the best!"Just Say Yes" remains my favorite! :)

  2. PTB got it right. Snow Patrol started off as an indie rock band in college. Amongst their influences, they count U2 and Oasis. They opened for Coldplay on their Vida La Vida tour. Their latest album is a marked change in direction for the group with more techno influences.