A pink taxi

A pink taxi

January 9, 2012

Off the Beaten Track

This blog entry is different in as much as it wasn't typed on my now, dysfunctional "new" blackberry, but on a page of my child's scrap notebook. Yes, the French still use "cahier de brouillon!"

The most popular blog post to date, one that has received over 1000 hits in total, and about 4 additional readers a day is "Before my four year old tells you": the story of how my pinktaxi drove off the Beaten Road and got stuck in desert sand...

Last week has figuratively been spent "off the beaten track". While my pinktaxi cruises down Shaikh Zayed Road in strict ordered weekly monotony, crosses Maktoum and Garhoud Bridge in calculated order, parks in Port Rashid and Oud Metha at metered timings, drops off in Jumeirah and UmSuqueim at precise locations, visits beaches and hip neighborhoods at a spur of a moment, it has not chauffered as many children, has not driven in constant loops and collected as many unforseen memories as it has the two weeks, with my sister's visit and her NewYork family.

There wasn't a park we didn't play in, a beach we didn't comb, an aquarium we didn't wonder at, a zoo we didn't convene at, a stable we didn't pet the horses at, a skyscraper we didn't marvel at, a cafe we didn't loiter in, a concert we didn't attend, a desert trip we didn't spend, a restaurant we didn't dine in, a sports club we didn't run into.

I ventured further, got into the saddle again, when I rode a horse in the desert again after some twenty years. Got a bike as a gift, yet another accessory to take me off the beaten track....

Once upon a weekend, I lost blackberry touch. I had upgraded to a "lemon" whose battery didn't recharge. I was now as disconnected to the world as Robinson Crusoe! No more emails and no more chatting. And especially I couldn't blog on the go! I caught up with my LeMonde reading instead and missed my role as the PinkTaxiBlogger.

I am back on track now, back to the severe schedules of sports and study. I still have some body aches from my unusual activities and a load of good memories. My sister and family have returned to the city Jay-Z calls his own!

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  1. I always get into the " friendly fire" of the PT and her family.Now that the avalanche of the holidays has subsided,the routine calls become persistent to assist in math and Arabic,and now the added task of design and drawing.It was certainly a reprieve for so many of us when she got cut off her Blackberry service for a short weekend.Nevertheless,we have to admit that the PT blog is cherished and waited for by so many of us.